Berry Power Maqui Powder

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Maqui berry happily grows in over-exploited soils in its native country of Chile, and as such is a great erosion deterrent. The Mapuche Indian tribe located there were the only tribe in North or South America unconquered by European colonisers – they reportedly ate very little solid food, but frequently drank a fermented Maqui beverage which they attributed to their relatively long lives, and superior strength.
Berry Power Maqui Powder
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Berry Power Maqui Powder Berry Power Maqui Powder Berry Power Maqui Powder Berry Power Maqui Powder

Patagonian Superfruit

MAQUI (aristotelia chilensis): Haven't yet heard of it?? You will - the ‘Patagonian Superfruit’ with a super deep purple colour and mild berry taste is native to Chile and regularly consumed by the Mapuche Indians. Pronounced ‘mah-KEY’, Our Maqui is raw, wild-harvested and freeze-dried (not spray-dried) for maximum nutrient preservation and has NO fillers or sweeteners like maltodextrin.

Suggested Uses:
Add to smoothies, lemonade, yoghurt, cereal or porridge, fruit juice, salad dressings, iceblocks, your water bottle - anything!

Nutritional Benefits

With an ORAC antioxidant score that’s 3 times HIGHER than even Acai berry, it has the added punch of antioxidants like anthocyanins (like blueberries), polyphenols, Vitamins A & C, iron, potassium and Omega-6. 


Ingredients: Certified Organic 100% Freeze-dried Maqui Berry Powder (Aristotelia chilensis)

1. How do you describe the texture/taste/aroma??
A very fine-grain powder with a faintly ‘berry’ aroma and pleasantly plain, ‘citrus-kissed’ taste – and much like Acai powder!

2.Are the superfruit powders 100% pure?
YES! there are NO fillers, free-running agents, or sweeteners (eg. maltodextrin)

3.What’s the difference between freeze-dried and spray-dried powders?
Freeze-drying is a snap cold process, ensuring maximum nutrient and antioxidant preservation, and preserving the deep natural pigment colours. Spray drying can subject the product to potentially nutrient-robbing heat during processing, often changing the colour, texture or flavour, so sweeteners are then sometimes added in.

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