Organic Dulse Flakes

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After years of world wide supply issues, our Dulse Flakes are back!


Wild harvested from the pristine waters of the Atlantic, Power Super Foods Dulse grows in a remote, intertidal zone. This immaculate environment ensures our sea vegetables are free from impurities.

Our Dulse is sustainably hand selected by certified organic, small-scale harvesters, then air dried at low temperatures. These practices ensure minimal environmental impact and promote the sustainable supply of quality sea vegetables.
Organic Dulse Flakes
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Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Dulse Flakes Organic Dulse Flakes

The Sea Superfood

Seaweed has long been enjoyed by coastal populations around the world. Perhaps its popularity can be attributed to its impressive nutritional profile: seaweed can contain up to 20 times the mineral content of most land vegetables. Seaweed naturally absorbs the nutrients from its marine environment, making sourcing from pure waters vital. !

Health Benefits:
Dulse leaves are a delicious source of iodine, iron and potassium. Iodine is essential for production of normal thyroid hormones and energy metabolism. Iron is necessary for normal immune system function and normal oxygen transport throughout the body. M.M.

Suggested Uses:
With its delicious, salty-savoury flavour, dulse leaves can be enjoyed purely as a snack. It also gives a delicious nutrient boost to soups, stir fries, casseroles and salads. Try it pan-fried into delicious, crispy strips as an alternative to bacon.

Nutritional Benefits

Visualise this purple-red Dulse seaweed as munchable minerals wrapped in fabulous flavour and you'll just begin to understand its immense value - antioxidant vitamins A, C, E; vitamin B's (including vegetarian B12) and minerals including iodine, iron calcium, potassium, magnesium, chromium and zinc. 


Ingredients: Certified Organic Sustainable 100% Dulse Seaweed Flake (Palmaria palmata)

Did you know?

1. What does Dulse taste like?
Kinda salty, kinda nutty, kinda smoky.

2. Do I have to hydrate it first?
No need – even the whole Dulse Leaf is super velvety soft and naturally chewy.

Customer Reviews

Good Review by Zoidberg
Tastes good and seems like a good source of some minerals, but it would be helpful to know roughly how big a 'serving size' is in volume rather than weight.
My scales won't accurately weigh 5 grams. Is that like a teaspon, Tablespoon, 1/2 cup?? Who knows!
(Posted on 14/06/16)

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