Organic Dulse Leaf

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Organic Dulse Leaf
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Organic Dulse Leaf Organic Dulse Leaf Organic Dulse Leaf Organic Dulse Leaf

The Sea Superfood

Rare and unique, our premium red Dulse (Palmaria palmata) seaweed is hand-harvested from the icy cold waters of Dark Harbour in the Canadian Maritimes, then sun-or-shed-dried. With it's velvety texture, Dulse Leaf or Flakes are munchable minerals wrapped in fabulous flavour !

Suggested Uses:
Enjoy Dulse Leaf straight out of the bag, or sprinkle Leaf or Flakes in soups, stocks, stews, miso, stirfrys or savoury dishes. Alternatively, use to ‘salt' pasta or potato boiling water.

Nutritional Benefits

Visualise this purple-red Dulse seaweed as munchable minerals wrapped in fabulous flavour and you'll just begin to understand its immense value - antioxidant vitamins A, C, E; vitamin B's (including vegetarian B12) and minerals including iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, chromium and zinc. 


Ingredients: Certified Organic Sustainable 100% Dulse Seaweed Leaf (Palmaria palmata)

1. What does Dulse taste like?
Kinda salty, kinda nutty, kinda smoky.

2. Do I have to hydrate it first?
No need – even the whole Dulse Leaf is super velvety soft and naturally chewy.

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This is amazing. Buy lots! (Posted on 6/11/15)

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