Sunbutter Cups


Sunbutter, as opposed to peanut butter, is nut free as it is made from sunflower seeds. These are healthy, but do not keep out of the fridge very well, so you cannot send these to school I’m afraid. Guess you’ll just have to serve them as after school nut free snacks to the neighborhood kids, who frankly will down them in the time it takes to explain there is no nuts in them!

Sunbutter Hemp Protein Cups
Serves 12

200g sunflower seeds
80g coconut oil
60g Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar
1 tsp lucuma powder (optional)
20g Power Super Foods Maca Powder
1 heaped tbsp hemp protein powder
Pinch Peruvian Pink Salt 
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
Chocolate chips as needed

Place silicone cup cake liners into a 12 hole muffin tin. Set aside.
Place sunflower seeds onto a lined baking tray and into a cold oven set to 200°C for 10 minutes. Remove and cool slightly. Set aside about 2 tbsp of the toasted seeds.
Place all ingredients except the chocolate chips into TM bowl and blend 3 min/37°C/speed 8. Stop and scrape down sides of bowl and lid as needed.
Divide mixture between the 12 muffin holes and keep tapping the tin very firmly on the bench until the mixture levels off and becomes glossy.
Decorate with reserved sunflower seeds and chocolate chips.
Place into the freezer for at least 30 minutes until completely solid.
Store in an airtight container in the freezer.
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Sunbutter Cups
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