Our Planetary Promise


FOODBANK Australia

In June 2016, PSF donated more than 500 grain-free breakfasts to deserving tummies around Australia via 'Morning Munch, Pumpkin Spice'. Foodbank is by far the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, providing enough food for over 40 million meals in 2015. A non-profit organisation acting as a pantry to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry, via distribution centres in all state capitals and some regional centres. Why? Because everyone deserves exceptional nutrition! Learn more here



Our Co-Founder Lisa is a Canadian/Australian so this organisation is close to her heart. The Get Bear Smart Society champions progressive management policies that reduce both the number of human-bear conflicts and therefore the number of bears destroyed, so people and bears can coexist in harmony. Part proceeds from our Berry Power products have purchased berry-producing trees to be wild-planted providing them with a safe, secure site away from busy, peopled areas where they can stay out of trouble and thrive. Learn more here



Wello is a social venture with an ambitious goal: To deliver clean water to a thirsty world. Wello designs and delivers affordable innovations (see pictured) that save time and increase opportunities for people who lack access to water. Part proceeds from our sustainably sweet coconut products have been donated to Wello Water in 2016. Learn more here

"The WaterWheel is beneficial on so many levels; reducing the drudgery and physical burden of water collection for women, providing irrigation for household vegetable gardens, and enabling people to use their time more productively."


GENE ETHICS - Working for a GM-free future

Gene Ethics advocates GM-free foods from seed to spoon: food safety in labelling; seed sovereignty; no synthetic chemical and GMO contamination; and support for ecological farming systems. They generate and distribute accurate information and analysis on the ethical, environmental, social, health and economic impacts of GMO products, educating the public, policy-makers and interest groups. Part proceeds from our Maca products (an ancient heritage product) have donated to Gene Ethics in 2016. Learn more here



Australian Seabird Rescue attempts to reduce the human impact on sealife through rescue, rehabilitation, research and education. Known for their work rescuing the Australian pelican, over the years their expertise has expanded to all manner of seabirds, endangered sea turtles and shorebirds. Members regularly undertake clean up campaigns, removing tonnes of marine debris and domestic waste from our precious waterways. Part proceeds of our Sea Power products have been donated to this terrific cause in 2016. Learn more here



Based here in the Northern Rivers, Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests in Australia and internationally since 1998 by providing opportunities for individuals and businesses to protect rainforests forever. Their projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance and restoration programs, as well as purchasing and protecting high conservation value rainforest and preserving its biodiversity, both flora AND fauna. In 2016 PSF donated Morning Munch snacks to Rainforest Rescue's Planting Day in the Daintree. For more information on how you can help...


ASSISI (Disaster) Aid

Our corporate philanthropy all began after the Boxing Day Tsunami - early days in the company startup, with only one product (Maca Power) being sold, our CoFounders decided to donate 20% of after-tax profits as they were concerned that the world was only financially assisting Indonesian victims - what about all the other countries hard hit? Even though it was the first year the business made any profit, they searched for a highly effective way to help, in the process discovering (Australian) Assisi Aid, who were already on the ground in Sri Lanka, housing international tsunami relief workers, and rapidly setting up micro-finance projects to get the villagers back in business quickly. Learn more here


Australia’s national icon is under serious threat from loss of habitat, cars and dogs - in fact, their numbers have declined over 60% in the last decade alone - but they are so cute they are deserving of our best conservation efforts! Every three years in rotation, our brand Berry Power donates to this expert organization located in the Far Northern Rivers NSW that works tirelessly planting eucalypt food forests, harvesting leaf, administering veterinary care, and offering a kind heart on the long road to a koala’s rehabilitation. More info?

(Other Beneficiaries in rotation have included Animals Australia and Free the Bears Fund)


The Green School in Bali was not only created with the most efficient building material (bamboo poles) carved with the names of its supporters like us, it’s core educational principles are founded in teaching children to be the world’s future leaders for sustainable survival on this beautiful earth – definitely an educational model we can get right behind. Your purchase of our Chia Power products will in turn assist promising children who could not otherwise afford to attend to blossom into their true potential as the next generation of globe changers – so THANK YOU, on theirs & the planet’s behalf.


Since brand launch in 2008, our Sea Power® range of seaweeds donates every year to the fearlessly brave Sea Shepherd Australia, boldly going where governments fear to tread, insisting that the Japanese whalers abide by International Law in the whales’ crucial Antarctic breeding grounds. Why? Because not only is whale-watching a multi-million dollar tourism industry for Australians (nearly $300M), but because EVERY generation to come should have the awe-inspiring privilege of seeing these majestic leviathons, at home on the open ocean. We know you agree…..


Some of Australia’s most effective endangered animal protectors have recently teamed up under ‘one roof’ to maximize their chances of saving endangered Asian bears, rhinos & primates from extinction – that’s how Wildlife Asia was born. Since Power Super Foods has donated frequently to the incredibly effective Free the Bears and Australian Orangutan Projects over the years, it was a no-brainer to switch in 2013 and again in 2014 to embrace the new umbrella organization. Feel free to investigate for yourself their phenomenal work here…… In 2015 Wildlife Asia's continued focus has been on three priority projects in Aceh, Myanmar and Sumatra providing funding to reforestation, ecosystem protection and the wildlife protection of sun bears, gibbons, tigers, leopards and sumatran rhinos to name a few!


A Gold Coast based group of community volunteers who work together to help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild and repair by bringing hope and restoring faith. Assist A Sista facilitated donations of clothing, furniture, non-perishable food items, toys and other essential and non-essential comfort items. They have also launched their Assist 2 Learn program, supporting children in Refuge to attend school with all basic essentials needed. We were happy to support this wonderful cause in 2014. The organisation has since split and formed a new group Rize Up. For more info head here -


Las Gaviotas Ecovillage is possibly the most innovative ongoing project by humans EVER – for over 30 years in an inhospitable part of Columbia, 200 residents (specialists, inventers, scientists) have lived without violence and the sole goal of creating a repeatable model to improve the whole world. Planting 20,000 acres of full canopy poly-culture rainforest using ingenious agricultural techniques has resulted in a 10% increase in rainfall to this arid area, purification of ground water, and a return of 250+ plant species and countless birds and animals. Consequently, theirs is the single most worthy destination for our annual carbon offset program donation, and once again this year (2014), Power Super Foods offset 1 million kilos.


Power Super Foods is doing healthy business assisting people to transition to a cleaner diet. ANIMALS AUSTRALIA mission is to prevent prioritising of profit ahead of animal pain/distress minimisation - this attitude is very old school and has no place in the new millennium. Their work battling the heartbreaking live export and abbatoir torture trades overseas and puppy mills here  is something every future-forward Australians can be proud about. Our favourite campaign? "Kicking Ass for the Animals” which we support wholeheartedly (2011/2014).


Maca Power® was our first product and women love it’s energizing balance, so every year this brand donates to causes that empowers women around the globe, from whatever disadvantage they face. For example in 2012 + 2013 we supported BECAUSE I AM A GIRL (global campaign/Plan Australia) that fights gender inequalities in developing countries to break poverty cycles thru improved access to education, community human rights information and micro-finance business setups. Other recipients have been MOTHER’S MILK BANK – a pioneering project in Queensland for eventual roll-out nationwide to give women access to breast milk for babies in need in Australia – a fighting chance!


We asked ourselves – we all want endangered animals to survive, but would we trade our life for theirs?? Globally, Park Rangers endure violent attacks and face death daily from poachers. Since 2013, PSF donates to ‘The Thin Green Line Foundation’ who arm park rangers with protection from poachers and malaria, assist their bereaved families back to self-sufficiency, purchase crucial gear like solar cookers, and create conservation initiatives. Since Cacao Power products are derived from a rainforest tree, preserving them globally is our goal with this brand – for 5 years previously, we donated to Rainforest Rescue annually. 


Power Super Foods product choices are derived from the age-old knowledge derived from ancient civilisations – we believe it’s our duty and to ALL our benefit to preserve indigenous cultures and their wisdom, not to extinct them. When you buy our Goji Power products, know that since we launched the brand, part profits are donated annually to important organizations around the globe working tirelessly to improve the lives and preserve the culture of Tibetans in exile, and hopefully one day return them to their rightful land. 2010>2013 Gyuto Monks Australia; 2009 Dalai Lama Foundation; 2008 Australian Tibet Council; 2007 Shechen Tibetan Orphan School.


Located here in the Northern Rivers, the supersmartypantz behind GOODWILL BICYCLES ABROAD came up with the genius plan to salvage the tens of thousands of unwanted bicycles around Australia every year for refurbishing and sending containerfulls to countries where transport is a luxury, and a bicycle can actually be a school bus, an ambulance, or a conflict escape pod. Sustainable recycling at its very best, we think –