Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice

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Breakfast becoming boring?  Go gourmet for your guts! (without the gluten!!)

You will love this uniquely indulgent, hand-crafted breakfast alternative that is both paleo and vegan, with a satisfying chew that satiates.

Paleo Power Morning Munch features Tiger ‘Nuts’!

Not actually nuts, but small edible ancestral tubers with a naturally nut-like & somewhat sweet taste.  Chock full of crucial resistant starch, this soluble fibre acts as a prebiotic, providing powerful fuel for the beneficial bacteria (aka human microbiome) in your gut.  

Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice
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Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice Morning Munch Pumpkin Spice

Following the principles of traditional foods, Tiger Nuts have a long history dating back to the Egyptian civilisation.  Just one serve of Morning Munch feeds you over 30% of recommended daily fibre needs – and SOooo deliciously!

Warming pumpkin pie spices like ginger and cinnamon perfectly paired with cranberry and fig, walnuts and pepita seeds, all brightened with soothing Safflower petals. 

Inspired by autumn-y days crunching through fallen leaves as days shorten and nights become blissfully cooler. You in?

Plants have power!  Safflower petals with their bright red-orange antioxidant pigments are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to invigorate the blood.

Suggested uses:

You’ll love this simply scrumptious blend: in milk (or mylk), topping smoothie bowls or yoghurt, or even snacking straight from the bag!

Tiger Nuts – contains resistant starch which is a prebiotic fibre that resists rapid digestion and is instead used by good bacteria in the gut for fuel energy where it is converted to short chain fatty acids, that have positive impacts on gut health. A source of iron (more than red meat), organically grown, rich in essential fatty acids, high in potassium (more than a banana), a source of magnesium, a source of phosphorus and a source of vitamin E. Also a natural appetite suppressant!

Activated Walnuts – Walnuts have positive impacts on cardiovascular health as well as brain and cognitive health. They also contain vitamin E, Omega 3, phytosterols, antioxidant polyphenol compounds, melatonin, and folate. Activation is amazing! (see FAQ #9).

Activated Pepitas -  One of the highest plant based sources of zinc which is essential for a healthy immune system, improves wound healing and nourishes healthy eyes and vision. Also an excellent source of other minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Activation is amazing! (see FAQ #9).

Organic Figs – Dried unsulphured figs are a source of calcium and dietary fibre and contain higher levels of calcium than a glass of milk, while being naturally sweet.

Organic Cranberries – Great for urinary tract health because of the proanthocyanidins in cranberries (what gives them their rich red colour). Cranberries also offer potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in the cardiovascular system as well as in the digestive tract.

Pumpkin Powder – Made from 100% peeled, pureed and air dried New Zealand pumpkins. A good source of carotenoids and vitamin A (like carrots) - essential for good vision as well as healthy skin, and paleo!

Cinnamon – Cinnamon was used in Egyptian times for medicinal purposes, is common in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, and enjoyed anywhere it has spread travelled along the spice route. Cinnamon can improve sensitivity to insulin thus assisting the regulation of blood glucose to prevent unhealthy spikes. It is thought to react with several digestive enzymes that results in a slowing down with the breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut, thus improving glycaemic load eg. Lowers GI value. Cinnamon is effective in improving alertness, concentration and cognitive performance. Also a potent antifungal and antibacterial.

Pumpkin Pie Spice combo – Our Co-founders secret blend of pure clean spice powders, passed down through the generations, while eating sweet punky pie at Thanksgiving family gatherings.

  This recipe is made with 75% organic certified ingredients, with Australian and
   wildharvested ingredients, and love.


   Source of magnesium, high in fibre, low in sodium, high in iron, source of protein

   Tiger nuts*, activated walnuts, activated pepitas, organic figs, organic cranberries (apple
   juice concentrate, sunflower oil), pumpkin powder, organic evaporated coconut nectar,
   cinnamon, Australian macadamia oil, pumpkin spice blend, safflower petals+, a pinch of
   pink salt.

   *organic certified unless seasonally unavailable, +wild-harvested.

1.     Morning Munch has nutritional claims on the front, like HIGH FIBRE / IRON, LOW SODIUM, SOURCE OF MAGNESIUM / PROTEIN – can you back these up?

Definitely!  All the calculations have been vetted by a naturopath to comply with Australian food labelling laws (FSANZ).


2.    Is Morning Munch a clean-eating option?

TOTALLY!  It’s vegan, grain-free, Non-GMO, no preservatives, no unnatural flavours or colours, with organic / wild-crafted / Australian ingredients.  Best part? Tiger nuts are recommended for people with digestive issues! 


3.    How is this an ancestral food? 

Tiger Nuts were collected for consumption in West and Northern Africa for thousands of years by the Egyptian culture, though today commercial crops are grown in Spain.  Modern hunter-gatherers still consume 150g fibre daily, while Vegans eat 43g, Paleo proponents 23g, yet Omnivores only average 19g.  
Tiger Nuts are high in fibre (resistant starch = resists rapid digestion) so one serve of Morning Munch gives you 30% of recommended daily fibre needs – that’s HEAPS!  


4.    What does resistant starch mean?

Resistant starch does not break down to be absorbed as glucose like most starches, but travels through the small intestine to the colon where it is consumed by beneficial intestinal bacteria as fuel to proliferate.


5.   What are ‘’functional foods’’? 

Foods with biologically active components that are consumed for other properties than just nutritional eg. health promoting or disease prevention or symptom remediation.


6.   What is Paleo actually?

 A wholefood eating plan with no gluten, dairy or white sugar, from hi-fibre, good fat and preferably organic sources… basically like our grandparents ate!


7.   Why is Morning Munch a ‘’PEGAN’’ product (Paleo/Vegan), and do you have to follow this eating plan to enjoy it?

Globally, many people with all kinds of health issues are having tremendous success on paleo dietary plans (eg. weight release, chronic condition abatement) but are often concerned about either the environmental and/or humane impacts of meat consumption – a core principle of the paleo way.  PSF aspires to provide nutritionally dense options that are both truly vegan and strictly paleo (eg. no pseudo-grains). But just about anyone can definately enjoy these delicious blends, no matter how they eat!


8.    What are pseudo-grains

Many paleo products (especially cereals) include these grain-like ingredients (ie. Quinoa, amaranth, wild rice & buckwheat) that many paleo proponents argue are still inflammation causing.  Consequently, we have omitted these potential gut irritants from our recipes, substituting with high fibre, but gut friendly tiger nuts.


9.   What is ‘Activated’?

ACTIVATION is a process whereby nuts are soaked in water for up to 12 hours then dehydrated at low temperature to improve the nutritional profile of nuts in 2 ways. 

Nuts (along with grains, legumes and cereals) naturally contain a compound called phytic acid which binds to minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium and inhibits their absorption in the gut.

Phytic acid is reduced through the soaking process when the Enzyme phytase is ‘switched on’ which also stimulates germination of the seed.  

Additionally, protease activity is increased breaking down proteins into their simpler constituent amino acids, making them more readily digestible and bioavailable.

As a result other anti-nutritional proteins can also be denatured at this time. Some studies have also shown protein quality is improved as limiting amino acids are liberated.

Studies have also shown increases in many other positive phytochemicals during the germination process (including vitamins, essential fatty acids and crude fibre). 


10.    Are the sugar and carbohydrates in Morning Munch ‘’good’’ or ‘’bad’’? 

The carbs are the good kind, in the form of fibre and resistant starch that slow digestion and glycaemic response as well as keeping you feeling fuller for longer. The other sugars are naturally occurring in the small amount of dried fruit we have added and within the tiger nuts themselves.


11.     Are the Fats within Morning Munch all the “good kind” you hear so much about??

Absolutely!  We all know some of the best ‘’good fats’’ come from Morning Munch’s nut/seed ingredients, like walnuts, pepitas, almond & cashew nuts, flax and sunflower seeds. But within the Tiger Nuts themselves can be found monounsaturated fats (eg. Oleic acid like olive), polyunsaturated fatty acids (eg. linoleic and linolenic like flax), and antioxidant Vitamin E.  Macadamia oil is highly naturally shelf stable and more resistant to oxidation at high temperatures than even rice bran/walnut/almond or avocado oils, and also has Omega-7 (palmitoleic) and antioxidant Vitamin E tocotrienols.  So short answer!  YES, ALL GOOD!


12.   Is there anyone who can’t enjoy Morning Munch?

CONTAINS TREE NUTS: All care taken but: product packed in a facility that also handles cereals; nuts/fruits naturally have shells/seeds; bees buzzing flowers can carry pollen. Residues may remain.


13.   What is the use by date?

Approximately 1 year unopened.


14.   How should I store the packet after opening?

Upon opening, ideally store well-sealed in the fridge and enjoy within one month (can you even resist!?)


15.    Why is Morning Munch not ACO certified? 

Because there are some unique ingredients that are difficult to source in certified form from Australian sources, and organic certifying bodies here have only 2 categories – either 100% organic, or 95+% organic.  For example, we think our customers would rather have Australian grown pineapple pieces, than a Chinese grown organic certified input.  True??


16.    What does the asterisk* after tiger nuts in the ingredient list signify? 

We prefer to source organic certified tiger nuts, however, as this is such a new agricultural crop in cultivation, there will possibly be hiccups in the supply chain until farmers can better gauge annual requirements, or if demand exceeds supply in the waiting period between crop sell out & fresh harvests.  Consequently, to ensure consistency of supply to our distributors and hungry customers, we may occasionally need to include some of these – full transparency.  



Customer Reviews

It's the goods! Review by PM
LOVE this one – it’s definitely my fave! Every mouthful is a surprise of texture and taste (figgy & walnutty mmmmm), and the smell – heaven! Like nana’s kitchen…. except so much healthier! Hahaha
PM, Toronto NSW
(Posted on 19/05/16)
Loved the flavour! Review by Clint
Loved the flavour of Cashew Colada and Neapolitan but especially the Pumpkin Spice.
All were delicious with some coconut milk.
I really liked all 3 flavours eaten dry without any liquids added. (Posted on 9/05/16)
Loving Pumpkin Spice! Review by BelleBrockhoff
I got your new Morning Munch and LOVE IT! Its my breaky every day now haha and mum has the cheeky nibble too!
Defs havent seen Tiger Nuts in munches nor the quality of ingredients in them besides your product.
It is a unique blend and I thank you for sharing it with me loving the pumpkin spice!
(Posted on 28/04/16)

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