Certified Organic




1. The planet could be dying.


Unpleasant, yes, but true. Fish, fowl, fauna and food diversity are failing. Chemical runoff and residues are the main cause of decreasing plant and animal life world-wide. Every year in Australia alone, over 30,000 TONNES of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides etc are splashed across our continent.

 Organic farming practices restore topsoil quality, resist drought, and foster wildlife habitat and biodiversity. It is said that current agricultural practices are responsible for about 30 percent of global warming – organic farming reduces landfill (nutrient recycling thru composting), captures carbon dioxide (in the form of soil humus), and reduces greenhouse gas by eliminating synthetic nitrogen fertilisers (prohibited in Organic farming) which account for two thirds of cropping emissions.

Scientific studies comparing conventional food with organic foods have concluded that organics are more nutritious with higher Vitamin C levels, more minerals and phytonutrients (like antioxidants), and can additionally prevent you from consuming as much as 2 kilos of nasty food additives (not allowed in Organics) per annum.

And what about allergies?? With ‘trial’ farms already producing GMO produce, food irradiation being approved in some states, and weak legislation in Australia that allows Genetically Modified Foods to be unlabelled in our food chain, you & your child could be eating unknown genes (fish? egg? spider??) spliced into an apple, for example. Organic farmers support Mother Nature by taking a firm stance, saying “NO to GMO”.

Now round all that out with more humane treatment of farm animals, a much better taste, & a dose of common bloody sense (Seriously, why would anyone consider paying anyone to poison their food?) - can any sensible earth resident not love Organics?? Hip hip hooray !!!!!!!!

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>>Thanks to Shane Heaton for the inspiration for this blurb and ACO/BFA/NASAA for their tireless efforts informing the general public about the real & true benefits of Organic Farming.