Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder

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Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder
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Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder Luxury Organic Cacao GOLD Powder

Suggested Uses: So many different & delicious ways to enjoy! For example, use like cocoa powder in desserts, cookie batter, muffins, drinks, chocolate creations, raw foodie treats, smoothies, or sprinkle over ice cream, yoghurt, cheesecake, coffee or hot chocolate... feel free to experiment and become your own gourmet master chef! (Note: 15g = 1 heaped TBSP approximately)

Cacao Gold® and Cacao Power® are registered trademarks of Power Super Foods®.

1. Is it raw?
Yes! And gluten-free, vegan, & super delicious too!

2. Why the glitzy packaging??
To differentiate this high-end luxury Ecuadorian product from all the rest!

3. What about the nutritional content??
Similar - and with a comparable magnesium content, a naturally richer cocoa butter content, AND it actually also has a higher protein count! (remember that protein/aminos are one of the first nutrients denatured by heat)

4. Is it fairly traded?
Even better! Our Ecuadorian partners are true social revolutionaries, re-investing part profits into bettering their compatriots lives through multiple, local, ingenious initiatives

5. Will I like it as much as the other one I usually buy from you?
The feedback has been FANTASTIC - so aromatic, so smooth on the tongue, so freaking delicious -- we think Cacao GOLD makes the best chocolatey treats EVER!
6. Why was this Cacao bean variety almost rendered extinct??
Because like many indigenous or endemic plants, they're often ripped out and replanted for the sake of a few 'safe' or 'convenient' varieties, that like most 'factory farmed' hybrids, tend to have no real taste or smell, but give a high yield. It was only through careful collection of seed in patches of remnant forests, then a concerted seedling raising effort that it was resurrected sufficiently for commercial crops to resume from it - lucky you!

Here's another advantage with this very unique product. We are very proud that our Ecuadorian partners are applauded internationally for having taken a giant leap beyond just trading fairly and paying guaranteed premium crop prices direct to farmers... their compatriots reap brilliant long term benefits through our supplier's generous re-investment of part profits back into community development projects over there including: award winning conservation initiatives (tree nurseries for sustainable co-planting of endangered rainforest species), ingenious environmental programs (like replacing toxic disposables with solar rechargeable batteries in areas without reliable electricity), developing organic technical education and Special Needs curriculums for area schools (largely unavailable, yet desperately needed).So a big round of applause for these true social revolutionaries!!

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Customer Reviews

love it! Review by tanya
i bought this for the first time and tried it tonight. it is absolutely amazing. when my husband and i smelled it, it was like a processed dutch cocoa, so much so that i checked the website to make sure its raw! i have been buying loving earth which i didn't really like but didn't know of an alternative until i came across this one! thank you for importing it. i will be buying the cacao butter now and venturing into chocolate making! love love love it! (Posted on 22/03/16)

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