Theobroma cacao, from the ancient Greek Theo meaning god, and broma meaning food, is literally translated to “food of the gods”. For those who love cacao’s rich, decadent taste – especially in chocolate, “food of the gods” is an accurate description.


Naturopath Cate Lilja extolls the many virtues of the beloved cacao.

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19 October 2015



Cate is the new General Manager - Operations at PSF and she is a naturopath too!

We asked Cate to write about Cacao so that you can learn some of the reasons it really is a superfood! Click to read more...

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10th August 2015



Thank you to Eliza @fitfabfoods for being our guest blogger this week. Eliza is part of our Next Generation of Health series where we celebrate the young people of today with the good health message. A great role model! Eliza is a 22 year old physiotherapist and blogger with a passion for health, food and photography. Eliza shares her recipe for this amazing Choc & Salted Caramel Smoothie & Muesli bowl Mmmmm.... Click to read more.

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22nd December 2014

Stressed out and tired this season?

Read more to find out the best way to remedy this all too common side effect of the silly season.

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