It has been about 3 years since Shokuiku opened the door to the public. Now it is good to see some great health food places opening up in Melbourne but at that time there was not much around. I was working as a chef in various places as well as serving a couple of people as a private chef. I also used to make little treats to sell at markets and health food shops.

 I first studied Macrobiotic at Kushi Institute then Holistic Nutrition, which opened my world to raw food. It had been my dream to create a space I wish I had when I was first on this journey. A place that I can take my daughter to and still feel safe to let her choose whatever she wants from the menu. A place I go to feel inspired and motivated to living this lifestyle. A place to connect with the community and like minded people. It took me around 10 years to finally do it!


Shokuiku Café


It is not easy to run a business like this. Our raw ingredients are a lot more expensive and it takes a long time and effort to make everything from scratch. Seeing other businesses that using the words “health” and “organic” lightly but not being transparent about their ethics is disheartening. When I am stuck or feel challenged I always go back to the WHY and I usually gets the answers I need.


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I have now learnt that I cannot please everyone and it is not my intention to remain on-trend or compete with others. Because it is not why I started Shokuiku. The food we serve at Shokuiku is what I normally eat and want to share with others. Organic raw and living food cuisine inspired by macrobiotic and Eastern and modern traditional and modern wisdoms.


Shokuiku Café


I think that is the reason people react really positively to what I do. Because there are no compromises.

I believe in organic and sustainable produce.

I believe in ethical and hard working small businesses.

I believe in consciously choosing to know where your food comes from.

I believe in how powerful food/herb can be and how they can affect you physically, mentally and spiritually.

And I believe that everyone can have an access to this idea if they are open to. Having these core beliefs has helped me remain focused on what is really important.


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I feel that most people who come in to our space know this already. They are ready to accept this new and dynamic way of eating, understanding that we care about the quality of the foods. They are excited to know how these simple and nutritious foods can taste really delicious.


Including superfoods and super herbs in your diet is definitely a topic that I am passionate about! We are living in a pretty unnatural environment. These foods/herbs can really restore, balance, improve our holistic wellbeing when used in a respected way. I am grateful to have a place that can introduce people with these amazing foods and how willing they are to explore more. That is what I love about this modern way to look at these substances.

Have a willingness to learn about them and have fun along the way ;-)




I love making raw sweets like this. Using superfoods to upgrade the nutrition, low in sugar, incorporating new ingredients while offering completely satisfying the sweet craving in a delicious way.It has a few steps but only equipment you need is a blender for this one


Sponge Layer:

1 cup almond pulp (wet from making almond milk)

1/2 cup tigernut flour (you can use almond meal, sprouted oat flour or other nut/coconut/banana flour)

1/2 cup desiccated coconut (or coconut flour)

1/4 cup flax meal

15ml lakanto (or your preferred sugar)


Halve the mixture and add 1 tbs maqui berry powder and 2tbs melted coconut oil to one. 2 tsp maca powder and 2 tbs coconut oil to another.


Cream Layer:

Flesh from 1 fresh young coconut

1/2 cup coconut water

1 tbs cacao powder

1/4 - 1/2 cup sunroot syrup or your preferred nectar

1/3 cup coconut oil, softened


Blend all the ingredients except coconut oil in a blender till smooth. Add the softened coconut oil and blend again.


Chocolate Sauce:

Mix equal parts of coconut oil, raw cacao powder, enough sweetener to sweeten.


Ice Cream:

Blend frozen raspberry and banana till ice cream consistency.



Grease your tin with melted coconut oil

Put maca mixture in. Pack it down well.

Pour half of the cream

Place in the fridge till the cream hardens

Put maqui berry mixture then press it down well

Pour in rest of the cream mixture

Place in the fridge till firm


When ready pour the chocolate sauce and serve with the ice cream


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It has to be in my blood (coming from Japanese and macrobiotic background). I love seaweed. I love mild and strong seaweed. I love red, green, brown and blue seaweed. I love it to wrap, compliment, decorate and make it a star of a dish.


Seaweed is high in minerals that can be hard to get from land vegetables. Also known to detoxify and support your Jing (your essence energy).


Unfortunately the ocean is not as clean as it once used to be. It saddens me a lot. The way we are treating the environment and the great Earth is quite unacceptable in my opinion. It is not too late. Of course there are so many things I wish our governments and "the system" would do but every one of us can make a difference by choosing to live a lifestyle that can support the environment. There are some areas that are considered safe (or safer) and it is important to be educated about this.


Here is a recipe using Power Super Foods Wakame Flakes.




Wakame Bread:

1 cup buckwheat, sprouted

1 cup sunflower seed , sprouted

100ml golden flax seed, soaked in 150ml water

7.5ml tamari

4 tsp wakame flakes

1Tbs nutritional yeast


Veg Pulp Burger:

1/2 cup sunflower seed, activated and dehydrated

1/2 cup vegetable pulp

1 1/2 tsp miso paste

1 Tbs tahini

Enough water to process


Marinated shitake:

Rehydrate dry shitake with water

When soft take off tough spots of the stems then marinate with tamari, tahini and a little soaking liquid

Serve with Kimchi or sauerkraut decorate with the shitake marinade and extra wakame flakes




Make the bread dough by food processing all the ingredients.Spread evenly on reflex sheet and score into the preferred size.Dehydrate till it becomes dry but still pliable.This bread will last for a week in an air tight container, longer if kept in the fridge.



Place the sunflower seeds then process into a fine powder/sunflower meal.Add the rest and process again.Roll into a burger size then dehydrate for 2-3 hours. They should not be completely dry, should still be moist inside.


Place one of the bread then top with burger, marinated mushroom and other fillings of your choice.Drizzle the sauce from the mushroom and top with another piece of bread.Serve with extra wakame flakes ;-)


What is your favourite way to eat your seaweed?!


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