Can you tell us about yourself and your food/fitness journey to where you are today?


Good morning! I'm Claudia Cramer, currently a Masters student in Dietetics at the University of Queensland.  I grew up in a country town and moved to Brisbane to begin my Undergraduate Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. 

Growing up I was really active with sports and the community and my diet was quite poor. I worked full-time at a café for a while after highschool and would eat most of my meals there (think pasta and thick shake), I was generally not too bothered about the kinds of foods I was eating. It wasn’t until I began feeling tired and sluggish that I eventually started to take an interest in what I was eating and how this could effect my mood during the day.

It was not an overnight process, but I began researching and taking an interest into those foods, trying to tweak my diet to see if it effected my moods and general feeling. It was that drive for learning about the human body, and being fascinated with how I can fuel it to perform at its best, that led me to study Nutrition Science. I have always had a huge passion for food, cooking for people and helping them with their diets, so it was quite easy to want to further study to become a Dietitian. 


After your studies are done, what are your plans?

When I graduate, I plan to work overseas for a year or so to gain some knowledge and practice in the field, as Dietetics is just so diverse.  I have always had an interest in the way we can use Nutrition to better perform in a sporting capacity so I would love to get involved with that in some way. 


When did you first hear about Power Super Foods?


I first heard about Power Super Foods a few years ago, when the health food stores became one of my favourite places ha ha! I love that Power Super Foods is based in Murwillumbah, where I have spent some time staying, so it’s great to support an Australian company that is only a few hours away. 


What are your favourite superfoods?


Some foods that I have everyday include oats, cacao powder, maca powder. I also have Salmon quite regularly.  I love things like oats and cacao powder, as they are so versatile, from making basic chocolate oats, a choc-almond smoothie or cacao brownies.


Are Organic, Sustainability and Fair Trade practices from your food brands important to you?


They are becoming more important to me as time goes on, as there are so many brands on the market, you need to be able to pick a reputable brand. 


You love travelling, how do you maintain your GlutenFree & DairyFree diet while on your adventures?
What do you look forward to most on your return home food-wise?


Whenever I travel, I make sure to scope out the area of where I am staying, try and find a local grocery store and grab a few things so I am always prepared with snacks.  If we are going out I try to have a quick look at the menu before we go or just ask a few questions when I’m there about the menu.  It is easy if you’re prepared.  I love coming home to my local cafes like Sourced Grocer in Tenerife.


What do you think of our new Paleo Power Morning Munch with tiger nuts?


I love that it’s a great, filling breakfast option.  Top it with some coconut yoghurt or almond milk, delish!


Do you love the features and benefits of Morning Munch? Are these important to you? Such as Activated, Organic, Prebiotic, Gluten Free, high in fibre, magnesium & Iron?


Definitely! Including all of these micronutrients and vitamins such as Iron and Magnesium into your daily diet are really important, as a lot of people (especially women) aren’t getting enough Iron in their diet.  I also love some other features of Morning Munch, like it having over 11 grams of dietary fibre, which is almost half the daily recommendation. 


You live in Brisbane, what is your favourite health food store to buy PSF products from?


I personally love going to the Go Vita in the CBD, it is very central and easy to pop in on the way home from University if I need something.  I also have a lovely little store near my house called Sun and Earth Organics, which have some delicious treats and smoothies. 


Can you share your favourite superfood recipes with us?


For sure! Since it’s coming into Winter (well, soon) here it my easy, quick and guilt-free Cacao Hot Chocolate,  as well as my latest recipe,  Chewy Chocolate Cookies. 





Why is it so good for you?

Well firstly, cacao is a great mood-stabliser which promotes a sense of well-being.  It is full of rich antioxidants and essential micronutrients such as magnesium and zinc which are vital for proper cell function in the body and functioning of the nervous system.  So why wouldn’t you try and have cacao everyday?

Another ingredient Maca has great benefits for women in particular (sorry, guys) by balancing hormones which are important in menopause and also sexual function. It also plays a great role in enhancing mood and energy.

The ingredients for this simple, delicious and inexpensive hot chocolate are as follows:

1.5 cup almond milk (other milk is fine too, full cream/soy etc.)

2 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 pinch of Peruvian Pink salt

1 tbsp coconut sugar

Add all of the ingredients to a small sized saucepan on low-medium heat and stir to mix through and get rid of clumps. Once you start to see the liquid rising / frothing, take the saucepan off the heat and sit for a minute.  Pour into a glass to serve.  Can top with cacao nibs or extra cinnamon if desired.



Let’s get to it then.


2 x cans of black beans (drained)

110 g almond meal

1 cup coconut flour

1 scoop brown rice protein powder

2 tblsp olive oil

5 tbsp cacao powder

1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup

40 ml Milk (almond / full cream / alternatives)

1 tsp baking soda

40 grams Dark Chocolate (option to add to mixture or crush for top of each cookie before baking)

Combine all ingredients except for the dark chocolate. I like to leave this and crush a bit of chocolate on each cookie.

Roll the mixture into balls and press with a fork into a lined-baking tray, I make about 20 smaller ones (portion control )

Bake for approximately 20 minutes on 180 degrees, but check after 15 and use your judgement if quite firm already.

Enjoy x


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