Normally on a retreat this is all you talk about the night before and you wake amped up to get stuck into it - strangely, I wake up feeling vaguely ‘’hungover’’ so only have water & psyllium until 9am. I weigh myself and the scale hasn’t moved since 3 days ago, but I can see in my face that I have been cleansing– skin dewy, undereye circles diminished, no puffiness and more relaxed jawline – awesome! lols. I will continue with morning lemon waters with psyllium husk and acidophilus powder as I break the fast.


After 11 days on juice, I break the fast on Day 12 as I’ve been taught:


  1. Monofruit first: ideally fresh pawpaw squeezed with lime – I pull one off our tree and pick a lemon instead, squeeze it over, and tell myself I will eat it slowly and mindfully. This works for 3 bites until I take a call and finish the rest quickly. But it tastes really good!
  2. Lunch: a few hours later, I pick some greens in the garden and whizz up a superfood smoothie with fresh-picked banana and plump strawberry – try to avoid using frozen fruit! And no protein powders or oily seeds either, just yet.
  3. MidAfternoon light snack: Nashi pear (easy digesting fruit)
  4. Dinner: either a miso or bone broth with garden greens, scallions, ginger, & shitake mushroom is an easy choice– (steamed veg is easier and more gut soothing than raw )
  5. To cap off the day, I try a tiny piece of paleo good-fat “fudge” from the PSF kitchen – it’s tasty!

 Mono-fruit - Paw Paw


Day 2 (day 13 of program)


I didn’t sleep very deeply with food in my stomach, but today I will add back raw veg, more fruit, and nut protein – my meal plan looks like this:

  1. Monofruit for breakfast:  fresh picked passionfruits
  2. Mid-morning: Green Smoothie leftovers
  3. Lunch: Capsicum and raw almond ‘’hummous’’ and a sprinkle of our Natural Nori seaweed flakes
  4. Dinner: Fresh picked garden salad with cucumber & purple carrot, edible flowers, activated pepitas, and a homemade dressing with macadamia oil, fresh squeezed orange juice, roasted tomato/garlic, fresh picked parsley & basil, and coconut vinegar
  5. To cap off the day, I try a piece of paleo muffin from the PSF kitchen – whoa! Tastes decadently delicious….

I go to sleep and need to put earplugs in – living rurally can have downsides. The baby calves have been taken from their mothers this week who will cry and bellow thru the day & night for days. I fall asleep feeling deeply sad for them, and am glad I am following a vegan eating plan.


Capsicum & Raw Almond Hummous / Garden Salad


Day 3 aka Day 14 aka ARE WE THERE YET??


I wake up really hungry at 3am - thinking my body is used to much more liquid, I drink a glass of water, but am still hungry. I eat a dwarf banana, go back to bed, and oddly, toss around having vaguely threatening dreams -- bleh! – So I’m tired today but coffee would send me into the stratosphere. Today I will add in legumes and more good fats, and some harder to digest cruciferous vegetables (but steamed!). I am happy I’ve done some meal prep the night before, roasting vegetables and making chia pudding and soup as I wake to another busy day.

  1. Breakfast: Chai flavoured Chia pudding with fresh strawberry and coconut cream
  2. Lunch: Cauli, yam, zuchinni, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, & red capsicum all roasted in garlic coconut oil, with chickpeas. I add tahini paste to yesterdays leftover salad dressing, mix with veg, and sprinkle with our Delicious Dulse Flakes, Peruvian Pink salt, and hemp seeds. All served on a bed of garden kale. This tastes incredibly delicious to me right now, but I can only eat half the plate before I feel full so I set it aside.
  3. Snack: fresh picked mandarin – beware adding citrus too quickly after a fast, it can cause serious griping pains for some!
  4. Dinner: to my homemade chipotle pumpkin soup with coconut cream and garden cilantro (detoxifies heavy metals!), I add in the Ayurvedic lentil “juice” that I was accidentally sent and have frozen for safekeeping – it tastes great all together, and waste not want not! Love a bit of repurposing…..
  5. Bedtime Tea: our decadently plump Goji berries soaked in warm water for 15 minutes, then drunk – delish!

Day 3 Menu - Deliciousness!! 


Day 4 - hurrah!! (final day 15 of program)


Transitioning to ‘’normal” eating today, as Paul gets home tomorrow and we are away for his birthday weekend, whale watching and carousing with friends by the beach.

  1. Breakfast: is paleo cereal with activated nuts, homegrown banana and some biodynamic sheeps milk yogurt.
  2. Lunch is seeded raw crackers with lots of good fat guacamole.
  3. Snack is a paleo bar with nuts, dates, and coconut. (this and raw crackers above could still irritate sensitive tummies – you may need to wait a week if you have gut issues)
  4. Dinner is leftover roasted veg with some fresh sustainably local-caught fish and a side of steamed silverbeet.
  5. Dessert: ah dessert, at long last! Homemade raw chocolate (Cacao Gold butter and powder, Sustainably Sweet coconut sugar) drizzled over organic blueberries. Heaven on a plate.


So that, in an activated nutshell, concludes our Spring juice fast detox synopsis – I hope I’ve motivated you to give a cleanse a go, maybe just a day, or a weekend – resting your digestion is awesome! Every little bit helps on the road to healthy……


Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan/Co-Founder