Hi, I’m Nicole - a primary school teacher from Brisbane, with a love for all things health and fitness and a passion for baking simple, healthier treats.


I am incredibly fortunate to have grown up with a mother who loved food and cooking. She taught me from a very young age to eat healthy, veggie packed meals and she is the reason I now have such a passion for health, wellness and nutrition. I love being able to motivate, inspire and empower people of all ages to be the best version of themselves, by helping them to see that what we put in our bodies can either nourish or harm us.


I personally try to nourish my body everyday by fuelling it with as much healthy, unprocessed and nutrient-dense food as possible. I do this by making my own food as much as possible and shopping at my local farmer’s markets is also incredibly important to me. Having recently moved into my own house, I love being able to grow many of my own fruit and veggies, not only for nutritional reasons, but also environmental ones. I hope to one day be able to grow the majority of my own food, which is the ultimate form of ethical and sustainable food production.


Being around children all day as a teacher, I also truly believe in teaching our younger generation about the benefits of healthy eating by involving them in every step of the cooking process. From letting them pick their own veggies from the garden or at the markets, to letting them help you prepare dinner and putting it on the table, they will learn to not only love making their own food, but hopefully also see the health benefits in knowing where their food comes from. I believe that a love for health and nutrition begins at a young age and that if we start to make positive changes now, we can create a happier and healthier future for many generations to come.

Superfoods are one of my favourite ways to pack more nutrients into my daily meals. I love boosting my diet with organic superfoods, my favourites being chia seeds, raw cacao powder and acai powder. Here are two of my favourite breakfast recipes.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls would have to be my favourite way to supercharge breakfast. They are such an easy, tasty and versatile way to pack in a load of nutrients. I love layering mine into jars with coconut chia pudding or topping them with loads of fresh fruit!


Here is my favourite Green Smoothie recipe:


¼ cup coconut milk

1 large handful of baby spinach

½ small green apple

¼ green cucumber

2 stalks celery (including the leaves)

Small handful fresh mint leaves

2 tsp PSF Chia seeds

1 tsp PSF Maca Powder

1 tsp PSF Cacao Powder

¼-½ cup ice cubes (depending on how thick you like it)


Place all the ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth. Add the ice slowly as it adds a lot of volume and you can use more or less depending on how thick you like it.


Optional Toppings:

Fresh fruit – I used star fruit, passionfruit, kiwi fruit and strawberries.

You could also use:

Chia Seeds

Coconut Flakes

Morning Munch

Goji Berries

Cacao nibs



Chocolate Protein pancakes are my favourite weekend breakfast. I love adding cacao powder because it’s like healthy chocolate packed full of benefits! It is highly antioxidant, rich in minerals and a natural energy booster, so it’s delicious in pancakes, smoothies and raw, chocolatey treats.

Here’s my super simple Protein Pancake recipe:

½ cup oat flour

¼ cup protein powder of choice (chocolate or vanilla work best)

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg or 1 chia egg

½ tsp vanilla essence

3 tblsp PSF cacao powder

1 tblsp PSF coconut sugar

¼- ½ cup almond or coconut milk

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend everything until smooth. Add milk slowly until you get a smooth, but relatively thick consistency. Place spoonfuls of mixture in a frypan and cook in a small amount of coconut oil until browned.

Chocolate Sauce

3 tblsp PSF cacao powder

1 tblsp PSF coconut sugar

Almond milk to reach desired consistency

Mix all ingredients in a small cup until smooth. Pour over pancakes.

Top cooked pancakes with banana slices pomegranate and PSF Cacao Nibs.


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