Have an Eggtastic Easter!

Featuring my Chocolate Orange Egg


Easter is upon us!


A time when some of my happiest memories whilst growing up were born. The one day of a year where we could run wild around the garden hunting for those precious eggs, playing with the dogs on the lawn with our chocolate smeared faces!


The sound of laughter and happiness would fill the air!


And then after a mammoth Easter Egg hunt we’d count up all our treasures and share our excess eggs with younger cousins and children a like.


Well this glorious tradition is something that I cherish!


This year I wanted to experiment, grease up those egg moulds and get a little creative in the kitchen. Instead of buying the obligatory indulgent Lindt Chocolate bunny or the usual Galaxy egg I want to make my own egg for the family to enjoy. A task I’ve never attempted before, yet with the opportunity to make a beautiful organic healthier option that won’t cause the typical sugar spike.


With the silky smooth cacao butter and coconut oil, combined with Power Super Foods rich organic cacao powder, my healthier guilt free Easter Egg is sure to become apart of this wonderful tradition.


The best part of my recipe is that the kids can even get involved in the making of the egg, or eggs if you’re feeling really experimental!


Chocolate Orange Egg

(Makes 1 medium sized egg)



85 grams Cacao Butter

65 grams Coconut Oil

80 grams Cacao Powder

1 Tbsp Honey

1 Tsp Peruvian Pink Salt

Zest of 1 Orange

1 Orange



1)  Place the Cacao butter and coconut oil in a bane marie

2)  Once melted, place in a small blender with the cacao powder, honey, salt, zest and blend until slightly thickened

3)  Now, slice the orange in the middle and cut a slice showing the cross section of the orange and place in the egg mould

4)  Pour the smooth chocolatey mixture into the egg moulds until full and place in the freezer for 1 hour until set through

5)  Now, this is the tricky part, remove the chocolate egg halves from the moulds and place them together so they create one complete egg

6)  Let them sit together for a few minutes, as the chocolate softens slightly the two halves will stick together, now place the entire egg in the freezer for a further 30 minutes

7)  Remove and enjoy!  One thing to be aware of is that cacao butter and coconut oil only stay solidified if the room temperature is very cool, so once the egg has been made it's best to store in the fridge or freezer and consume quickly, which I'm sure wont  be hard!



Nut Butters; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


I’m a sucker for nut butter. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m that girl who’ll linger around the nut butter machine in any whole food store stuffing my cheeks like a hamster to get as much of the delicious, creamy, rich substance in me as possible! 


And having seen many other health nuts do this insane activity too, I know that there’s a whole force of us out there trying to get our paws on the stuff. 


So I want to clear up the mystery between which nut butter is best for us and which isn’t… 


Recently a bit of a hierarchy has developed between nuts, which tastes the best, which is best for our health, which is fattier, which has more protein, the list goes on! With media forcing us to believe the new up and coming products are the best, each nut has gone through the stage of being top dog. 


So here are the stats for you.. 


The Peanut

At entry level we have the peanut butter, a classic, reliable nut butter which everyone adores, even the non-health conscious lap it up. Peanut butter is kind of like the Bentley. Take it crunchy or smooth, everyone would have some.

Gram for gram peanuts contain around 567 calories to 100g, 49g of fat, 7g being saturated, 16g being polyunsaturated and 24g being monounsaturated. As well as a whopping 26g of protein.




The Almond

Now you move up a step, recently almond butter has been introduced to this world. A slightly riskier version, almonds aren't really everyones cup-of-tea. Yet blended and smothered on toast, they’re pure heaven! Safe to say that this nut is the Lamborghini of the race. 

With 100g providing 576 calories, 49g of fat, 3.7g of saturated, 12g being polyunsaturated and 31g being monounsaturated. And a reasonable 21g of protein.




The Cashew

At the top of the list is the newest addition to the nut butter game, cashew butter. If you’re daring enough to try it you wont be let down. This beautiful nut is streaks ahead of the pack, with a silky taste and better performance. This Ferrari is just divine! 

With 100g providing 553 calories, 44g of fat, 8g of saturated fat, 8g of polyunsaturated, 24g monounsaturated. A lower, but still respectable 18g of protein.


The Results


The almond provides far less saturated fat than the peanut, this is a fat we don’t want in our body. Our body does not need or use this hard fat and so it’s stored creating problems like cellulite. We’re recommended to only digest 6% of our total daily fat content as saturated fat. With still a good amount of protein almonds are considerably better for our health. 


However, we can see that cashew nuts contain fewer calories, less fat and still provide a good amount of protein than both the peanut and the almond. Although the almond has less saturated fat, it overall contains more fat. The ideal amount of fat consumed over a day is 70grams, which in terms of nuts is 150grams of cashew nuts as apposed to 140g of peanuts or almonds.




Although there’s a clear winner in the ‘fat’ award, it’s important to know that all nuts contain a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. From the antioxidant Vitamin E, an incredible powerhouse which supports the brain, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and helps keep skin healthy. Found in abundance in all 3 nuts. To minerals such as zinc, essential for body repair, renewal and development; magnesium, important for helping your muscles and nervous system to relax; and potassium, a powerful mineral which enables nutrients to move into and waste products to move out of cells, thus promoting a healthy us! 


So although I seem crazy eating jars of nut butters at a time, my body is being loaded up with all the good stuff enabling me to achieve optimum nutrition. 


With that in mind, today I’d like to share with you my recipe for one of my favourite past time treats, Reese's Pieces!  You can use any nut butter, whether you want a lower fat nut, the original taste of Reese’s or because you just bloody love a certain nut! Now is your time decide on your winner! 


Molly's Healthy Reese's Pieces

 Makes 6



140g of Power Super Foods Cacao Butter

140g of Power Super Foods Organic Cacao Powder

2 tbsp of coconut nectar

6 tsp of peanut butter(although any nut butter will do!)

A pinch of Peruvian Pink Salt 



1)Heat half of the cacao butter in a bain-marie over boiling water until melted

2)Now place half the cacao powder with the cacao butter in a blender with 1 tbsp of coconut nectar and a small pinch of sea salt, and blend until the mixture thickens slightly

3)Scoop the smooth chocolate into silicon muffin moulds and freeze for 20mins

4)Once the 20 mins is up, layer 1 tsp of nut nutter into each muffin mould and place back in the freezer

5) Now repeat the first two stages, melting the remaining cacao butter, blending with the cacao powder and coconut nectar and then layering on top of the nut butter

6)Once the Reese’s Pieces have had their top layer of chocolate lathered on top, place in a freezer for another 20mins - 30 mins 

 Remove from muffin moulds and enjoy! You can store them in a fridge for as long as can resist not eating them for!  



You can connect with Molly here:

Instagram: @barenudefood

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