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Abigail O’Neill is an Australian fashion model, author of Model Chocolate, food photographer and an expert in vegetarian, raw and vegan cookery. She is based on the Northern NSW coast and has three children.

Although particularly in love with good food, Abigail enjoys writing regularly on topics relating to health, beauty and wellness, and has contributed articles on the like to various online publications. 

The PSF team are excited to have had the chance to ask Abigail recently about her chocolate obsession and how she works it into her day to day life at the benefit of her and her family's health.




You are famous for your love of all things healthy and chocolate, and are a mum yourself – what do you think when you see all the multi-ingredient chocolate in shops at Easter?

Oh thanks! I'm actually surprised there's not a delicious raw chocolate range available in supermarkets yet! Won't be long, people are really switching on, at least fair trade and organic options have made progress. I'm not opposed to people having a treat, only once you know how to create with raw cacao, it's so exciting and satisfying, it really leaves no room for unhealthy cravings anytime of year.

At home we all indulge daily, and at Easter I love to create my childrens Model Chocolate favourites! My Raw Tiramisu, and Avela Truffles always get my teenage boys super excited.



 Photo credit: facebook.com/abigail.oneill

We’ve heard that you eat something chocolate-y every day, yet have great skin and an extraordinarily fit and toned figure – people may wonder how is this possible?

Thanks so much Power Super Foods! A-ha must be due to that last parcel of delicious raw cacao nibs you shipped me! No really! Raw cacao chocolate has intense metabolism boosting, rejuvenating properties for the figure, skin, and is an overall beauty supplement! It's all those uber-rich antioxidants bursting forth from the cacao beans to create happy healthy cells.

Writing my book, Model Chocolate, has really upped my chocolate dosage for sure, but for the last 7 years I've included raw cacao in my diet with only positive effects to speak of. When you cut out the sugar, dairy, gluten, processed cocoa, it's easy to pack in the nutrition!

Raw chocolate really lessens cravings for de-natured foods, and increases my healthy obsession with whole, organic, in season raw foods. I love that!


Remind us how your first connected with the Power Super Foods brand...

I first discovered Power Super Foods in my local health food store in Byron Bay! I was gob-smacked when I read the back of the package of the raw cacao powder.

Still a big fave in my pantry.


What’s your experience feeding superfoods to kids and teens?

So far so good! I've encouraged the children from young to enjoy whole, organic, and vegetarian meals, so they're really into it themselves now.

There was that ratty stage where they thought it was cool to sneak in the junk at other peoples places or parties. They soon changed their minds though when they felt the effects the next day!

It will pay off.


What exciting chocolate projects do you have upcoming?

I have some Model Chocolate YouTube videos on the way!

Can't wait to share how easy it is to create this kind of chocolate :))



by Abigail O'Neill - MODEL CHOCOLATE

Mmm! This delightful chewy, raw cacao chocolate reminds me of something I ate as a child, some naughty sweet treat.

It tastes like luscious chocolate lollies with a little cashew crunch. 


60g Power Super Foods cacao butter, finely chopped 

2 tablespoons cashew butter, OR raw nut butter of your choice

1–2 tablespoons maple syrup, or sweetener of your choice

¼ cup chunky chopped organic raw cashews

½ cup organic dried mango, finely chopped

¼ cup Power Super Foods raw cacao powder

A few whole cashews for decorating top, optional 


Melt finely chopped cacao butter in a glass bowl over boiling water.

Remove and stir in cashew butter, maple syrup.

Mix through chopped cashews, dried mango and cacao.

Scrape chocolate into a lined glass dish. I like it quite chunky – about an inch deep.

Press in a few whole cashews over the top and cool in the fridge to set.

Cut and enjoy.


10 minutes to make + setting time.

Makes 15 chunks of heavenly goodness.


SuperTip: for a banana variation, use dried banana in place of mango.


Totally TOO delicious!