Ellie Laffner @healthycleantimes, I'm Ellie, your lean, clean, vegetable machine.

PSF: We are thrilled to have a chat to Ellie Laffner, the girl behind @healthycleantimes. Ellie is one of our 'Next Generation of Health' foodies, spreading the good health message to the masses, over 21.5k followers!

Tell us about yourself and how you spend your days? 

I am 18 years old, obsessed with healthy living and studying first year of Public Health and Health Promotion at Deakin University in Melbourne! My days consist of gym-ing, café-hoping, studying and of course Instagramming!



PSF:  What inspired you to start your current food journey? Was there something in particular that motivated you to change your diet or have you always eaten this well?

I was a chubby pre-teen and had no idea what it meant to be healthy. I started researching health and fitness and found it fascinating and doable! From there, I implemented simple, small changes into my routine. Drinking more water, increasing my fruits and vegetables and exercising, drastically increased my overall energy and confidence! It is now a big passion of mine, hence the Instragram! 



PSF: How do your friends feel about your food choices? Do they share your passion?

My friends are so supportive of my healthy lifestyle. I am very lucky to have friends who also care about their health and wellbeing! They constantly inspire me with salad combos, café suggestions and new fitness classes to try! My favorite thing to do is go out for a healthy lunch with my girlfriends!



PSF: How did you discover Power Super Foods?

I am a very visual person and love browsing through health food stores. The Power Super Foods line caught my eye from the very beginning of my health journey! The brilliant and creative packaging reflects the high quality product inside! I love that the Power Super Foods range is organic and consistently high quality! I am so inspired by the wide variety of products. It means there is always a Power Super Foods product that I can add to my meal, making it so easy to increase the nutritional value and taste of my food!



PSF:   Do you have a favourite recipe using PSF products, can you share?

My all time favorite combo is PSF Goji Berries and Cocao Nibs… on literally anything! I love to sprinkle both onto my morning smoothies, or have them on an apple with almond butter! The contrast of textures and flavors feels decadent, but it’s so healthy!



PSF: What do you hope to be doing in 5 years’ time?

 I would love to be working in the health and fitness industry, continuing to grow my Instagram: @healthycleantimes, and inspiring others!

That’s my goal!

 Ellie  :)