Hi all – recently, I decided to not eat in your honour for 11 WHOLE DAYS. I documented it to help demystify and hopefully, destigmatise the idea of rebooting your body through juice fasting, so you too know you will survive and so you know what to watch out for.

The hardest part was turning my back on our blooming organic veggie patch which is incredibly prolific for this time of year – climate change?! Here’s a picture of all the yummy fruit from my garden that I’ll have to steer clear of for the duration – passionfruit, pawpaw and citrus! 

DISCLAIMER – consult with your health professional, blahblahblah before trying this at home AND we paid for our cleanses to ensure there were no strings attached and could tell it like it is!

YEARS OF TRAINING (with a helmet ;) ) I have touched on juice and water cleansing in previous blogs, and am no stranger to an annual cleanse of a week’s duration, but this was to be the longest I’ve ever done. Paul was overseas for a few weeks and it seemed easiest with no other temptations in the house, so I set about clearing the fridge.

I decide that because a) it’s winter and short daylight, b) I’m on my own running the business and farm and c) not the ideal time of year for a cleanse (spring/autumn are better), I’m going to:


1. Take a break from intense crossfit training for the duration

2. Choose some fruit/veg blends and nut milks (max 6 per day) instead of all intensive green juices (at retreats, usually max 3 + 1 broth per day)

3. Splurge on using Juice Detox delivery services to truly give me a mental break from food prep in the kitchen.


If you live in a city these Juice delivery services are fairly easy to organize. But if you live in the back of woopwoop (like me: between 2 rural villages, total population <1,000) then it’s a lot harder, which is the trouble with truly fresh food with no shelf life.  I spent a lot of time just coordinating logistics so that I would have a day where I had run out and desperately awaiting more.  Some will only hand deliver to outlying areas on one specific day, and often you wind up on a Sunday or Monday with no juices on the horizon.  The others use courier services where you have to hope it doesn’t get delayed or sent to wrong area (god forbid – this happened once when I ordered Pressed Juices from Melbourne which courier peeps rerouted to Lismore and by the time I got them, half had gone off -- no fault of juice service.  If choosing a 7 day program, there will usually be 2 different delivery days anyway, and they wont go to outlying areas at all so you have to wait in town til they show. 



 I finally decide on three different juice services:

Day 1-3 >The Cleanse Kitchen (operating from Brisbane I think): I choose THE STANDARD mostly because their website makes that option so vibrantly beautiful! I’m shocked when the cutest customised refrigerated delivery van ever turns up to drop them off personally – nice touch - the whole package is gorgeously on trend too with a little flowerpot shaped tea steeper. It’s 3 tasty green juice blends, a yummy morning citrus blend with turmeric, a delicious nut mylk, a ruby beet and apple blend, and the cutest little lemon/cayenne to kickstart. I also receive a fibre and a herbal tea blend, straws, and a very comprehensive ‘’what to expect’’ information brochure. Don’t leave the paper straws in too long tho or they go to mush. 

Day 4/5/9/10/11 > I have ordered a 5 day cleanse from a Canberra company called BlendCo – it’s not pasteurised, but they use an HPP process (high pressure, like dropping into the ocean depths) that extends the shelf life on nut mylks to 2 weeks and juices to 4 – I need this to fill in gap days between fresh pressed juices, but purists might worry that there is a diminishment of enzymes. I love the big fat numbers on the front of each so no matter how loopy you might feel, you can't stuff it up! And with superfoody ingredients in every juice like camu-camu, lucuma, chlorella, nopal, acai and chia, I am right at home with 2 nut mylks, and the rest (tasty! 1 green, 1 red, 1 citrus, & 1 sweet). This detox arrives with the least accoutrements, info and extras though, so first-timers beware. 

Day 6/7/8 > Sol Cleanse from the south Goldy have cute reusable glass jars, & cutest little heart shaped tea strainer/tea/fibre blend. Delivery here is strictly on Mondays between 4-9pm ONLY….. This is tricky as I am leaving work at 4:30 at this time of year to get the pet ducks in bed before dark, and they wont travel out to the sticks understandably. I arrange for a co-worker to accept the delivery in town, only to discover in the morning I have received the wrong one! I had ordered the Level 2 with a mix of nut milks and juices, but received the Level 1 which has a warming Ayurvedic legume potion (dahl) as the 6th juice – this is actually a good idea for first timers especially in winter, as it will slow the detox process, or for full-on fitness types as it is more substantial, but I definitely do not want solids nor non-paleo foods in mine this time so I freeze and use as soup base post-cleanse. I ring and they are very apologetic, and rather than unenvironmentally sending just the 3 correct juices down, they offer a substantial discount for next time. I dust off my juicer and make those 3 following their recipe – mine aren’t delicious like the rest of theirs, but nevermind.

You are meant to prepare your body in the weeks leading up to a cleanse by eliminating all processed food and as much caffeine, sugar, meat and alcohol as possible – those aren’t really a problem for me, but as usual, I have a busy few weeks of socializing, right up til the night before! Not ideal, but at least I know what to expect. 

Next installment... hear how I feel once it's all underway. Any mood swings or blood sugar dips? Any cheating? How much time is on my hands without usual food shop/prep/cleanup etc...

Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan – CoFounder/PSF