Hi and a warm welcome back to our loyal superfans for 2016! 

If you’re like us, you’re raring to get back into health after a busy holiday season letting loose and overindulging.  This summer has been stunning here in the Northern Rivers – the best we can remember in at least a decade – so at least we’re getting outside and staying active, instead of hiding from the usual heat and humidity indoors in air con. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s churning in our busy brains here at PSF Headquarters.


 Summer fun! A local beach... Hiking in the National Park...

Funny now (but not then) story: after years of being vegan and vegetarian, I remember our youthfully indignant horror 20 years ago when a formerly vegetarian Byron Bay family said they’d reverted to eating fish, and suggesting that someday we may feel the need to change our dietary composition too.   N.E.V.E.R. we said!  A short time later, while on business in Peru Paul contracted a particularly vicious and persistent gut bug that even the Vancouver Centre for Tropical Diseases couldn’t put a name to.  Becoming skeletally thin as he was no longer able to absorb vegetable protein (including nuts, pulses, soy products etc) without feeling nauseous was so frightening.  What to do?  It was dreadful watching him waste away.  One day, being so listless he decided to try eating different proteins again, and despite my reservations (it will be indigestible!), his colour and energy returned within 24 hours.


I mention that only because one of the things I would like most to change this year is the ongoing backbiting that pits Vegans versus Paleo people (& vice versa) that we see, especially on social media – where’s the tolerance?  I really think that anyone championing a return to predominately organic fruit and vegetable simple ingredient foods with high fibre and mineralized nutrition are actually on the same team.  There is NOTHING the Big Food crew would rather have than consumers tearing at each other’s throats, lobbing judgemental commentary, rather than focusing on the bigger picture.  And what is that??  Fresh food grown under optimal clean conditions with fair financial return to our beleagured farmers, which both the paleo and vegan camps actually champion.  You’d think by now these would be a basic human right, both here and abroad, but that’s a story for another time.  And without a crystal ball, one can never know what will suit your ever-changing body throughout the decades. 




So we’ve spent the last year investigating the international foodscape for new and innovative foods that meet our strict criteria for high quality, powerful nutrition grown under clean conditions that are both Paleo AND Vegan.  And we’ve succeeded!  Lots of innovation to roll out over the coming months, starting with a morning wake-up call for your tastebuds for Easter release.  Can.Not.Wait!!!  Then we can unite together to take on the REAL problems out there. Did you know that Queensland banana growers are contractually obligated to dump SEVENTY percent of their crop every season?  True.  They aren’t allowed to sell second quality produce, even overseas, as they are under production contract to the Big Boy supermarkets.  The next time anyone says the world doesn’t have enough food for the population, and we need genetic engineering?  Say bullsh@t!!


Upon reflecting over the past year, I’d like to make some observations about changes to the superfood landscape here in Australia. 


There are a few worrying trends that we’re observing – the following are the 3 main ways whereby the consumer may ultimately fail to get their money’s worth.  The big supermarkets trumpet their ‘’cheaper than cheap’’ goods at every turn, but at what (true) cost?    Firstly, when profitably is the overriding driver, something has to give somewhere else – and having taste tested some of what is on the shelf out there these days, we can confidently say that that factor is quality.   Secondly, the bulk bin trend is fantastic until you realize that super sensitive nutritional factors eg. antioxidants/ Omega oils can not be repeatedly exposed to air/humidity/sunlight before degrading in nutritional value, if not becoming downright anti-nutrient.  High barrier, high quality packaging that excludes light and is essentially impermeable to air prior to opening is crucial for some products (think Acai and Maqui powders for example).  And finally, driving prices ever downward actually hurts not just the Fair Trade superfarmers overseas who just want to make a decent living of it too, but companies like ours who wont compromise on overall quality at the expense of our values.   Ultimately, we may not be able to compete, and have to cease trade with some of our most loyal and long term suppliers.  Dimishing options amongst the smaller family run companies may mean lower quality to you in the long term, and the ability for the major players to jack prices up at will. Remember, fair is fair no matter where you live!!  As we always say, there is no price on good health.


Your dollar has power... spend it wisely :)


In better news, our mission when starting this company 15 years ago was to encourage people to eat more nutrient dense foods, more often and to understand the crucial health aspects of organically grown food.  Statistically, with 2 in 3 Australians having choosen organics over the past year, I reckon the plan has come to fruition!  So many people working so hard behind the scenes, not to mention the organic farmers, to whom we are so grateful – tru Aussie battlers!  We hope the North American trend of young people buying up cheap farmland and turning it to organic and sustainable production for better profits by selling locally will move down unda too.  Viva la resistance!!

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Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan/Co-Founder