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Seems like ‘’sustainability’’ is a much overused word in our vocabulary today but there are a number of superfoods that really are sustainable; from wild growing Maqui berry bushes that overtake unused landscape, Peruvian Pink salt that naturally bubbles to the surface near Machu Picchu, and coconut palm sugar cultivation (very different to palm oil production).


Anything that allows for a polyculture (multiple crops in small acreage) farming operation over conventional monoculture (single crop, vast acreage to the exclusion of all else) is fantastic. The best part of the organic model is that it allows traditional farmers (the little guy) to win every time, with guaranteed markets every year for their commodities, and no penalty for producing more - we pay the same for the first tonne as the tenth, unlike conventional marketplaces.


Paul and I really believe the pillars of future food production sustainability are 3-fold: education, opportunity and access to markets. It’s important for the consumer to understand the mechanics of the people who nourish them, while rewarding their hard work properly in turn….. Our first Indonesian coco sugar supplier built what is apparently the world’s largest bamboo structure to house their operation – a super sustainable building material, and edible too!


Thanks to your support of our brand, we proudly donated part profits to the scholarship program for promising Indonesian children at the Bali Green School - our Power Super Foods carved bamboo pole is just one of the many that literally keep the roof up over them. Dedicated to fostering a future-forward sustainability outlook in its students, and hopefully groom them to be tomorrow’s political and corporate leaders in the push for planetary survival, we so wish there were more schools like this everywhere! 




The opportunity for smaller acreage farms to band together as an organic collective for volume sales must be supported as well, as corporate-owned monoculture is the death of biodiversity and also jeopardizes a sustainable approach to long-term farming income. If there is disaster, disease or pestilent misfortune, then there is zero income to small-scale farming families that season - but if multiple crops are nurtured then something always thrives when others fail, breaking the boom-bust cycle.


Though in reality we will never meet most of the tens of thousands of small-farming families around the globe that supply our brand (our Cacao Gold powder/butter alone is supplied by 3500 farms), we are so happy they have not had to trade their health, their children’s education opportunities (in the fields), nor their family heritage lands to keep afloat.

This? This is true sustainability on a planetary scale, so please buy organic whenever possible!!


Some other organisations that have benefitted from your purchase of our Sustainably Sweet and CocoLyte brands are Australian Orangutan Project – we keep adopting them, because they are too too cute – and maintaining wildlife friendly farming operations prevents threatened animal extinction.

 Rocky and Rickina



Below is the first drawing of what became the cover art of our coconut-related packaging - a range that shhh…..is currently under active R&D. You’ll note that the whole background on the left side was erased because though this was exactly as I described to our amazing artist, once I saw it on paper it seemed vaguely threatening with all the sharp objects! Unfortunately, there’s no doubt that the viability of the coconut industry is diminishing rapidly as the demand for all its products grows exponentially worldwide. It takes 10 years for the trees to produce ‘fruit’ so even tomorrow’s plantings are still a decade from harvest. 



We studied coconut palm sugar production carefully before introducing it to our stable , worried that the process (‘’scarifying’’ or slicing the blossom stem to make sweet sap ooze) would harm or limit food nut production, but apparently this technique actually stimulates the tree to be more naturally productive! Additionally, there are over 100 products that can be made, sold, eaten or otherwise utilized from this ‘Tree of Life’.


The World Bank advocates it as the most sustainable sweetener, unlike our (tax-dollar-propped, high carbon footprint, acid sulfate soil runoff) unhealthy white sugar cane industry here. For future, we will always prefer to work with smaller, family-run farms especially for coconut products that although they may be somewhat less streamlined, and occasionally more frustrating to support (oh, the language barrier!), are ultimately more in line with our ‘’family-friendly’’ company and vision for the future.



Wrong. We thought so too til we started researching it after leaving Machu Picchu and driving past a gloriously white mountain glittering in the sunlight. The quality of salt has been a driving force in travel and trade throughout history and this particular one is of exceptional taste, high mineral content, fairly traded and from a pure source - an ancient ocean spring, uncontaminated by modern pollutants, that bubbles to the sacred valley surface. After (sun-dried) evaporation, the salt is hand-gathered in each of the 380 family-owned ancient Inca terraces then trekked off the mountain by the co-op’s donkeys. We purchase this direct from them to cut out any middle man and ensure these traditional famers get maximum profit for their efforts. The truth is there is really no profit for our company, but it is such a super cool, super healthy product that we wanted to open the Australian marketplace to them – hopefully accruing some good karma along the way!

 Pedro and Ramon

At this time, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you, our smart sensational customers, once again for your ongoing loyalty and support over the years – without you we are nothing, and we’re very very grateful to all of you.


Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan/CoFounder/PSF