Collaboration – Celebration.


Two things we at Friends Gather Round love doing. So we are ‘fist pumped’ excited and honoured to be the first guest bloggers for one of our favourite foodie brands, Power Super Foods.

Friends Gather Round started almost 18 months ago by us, Hilary and Kristy, two neighbours and busy mums who became friends while supporting each other on our own wellness and health journeys. We swapped recipes, shared our cooking experiments and got educated on many aspects of wellbeing – food, nutrition, exercise, stress management and mindfulness – but most importantly, we supported each other. We thought, “how can we take this shared learning, support and passion for wellbeing beyond our kitchen tables?” – hello lightbulb moment. Friends Gather Round was born.


Learn ~ Inspire ~ Nourish ~ Connect


We created Friends Gather Round so people on their own wellness journeys could come together and LINC (Learn * Inspire * Nourish * Connect) – in a beautiful environment, with nourishing food treats and herbal tea. Our events provide the chance to hear the latest thinking on wellness issues and most of all, the opportunity to connect, talk and share with a like-minded community.



This community aspect is important to us as we have both experienced some ‘eye-rolling’ from our family and friends over our health choices that are slightly left of centre – decaf almond-milk latte anyone? Our philosophy is about finding out what works for you and your best healthy self, inside and out, and finding your own individual recipe for balanced wellness. No judgment.

As well as connecting with a public community, we have also connected with a like-minded business community. Our events are supported by amazing businesses also founded in the idea of creating wellness on a larger scale. We support businesses where we use and love their products and we want to share them with our community – enter Power Super Foods.


Power Super Foods


The growth of superfood products over the past few years has skyrocketed and unfortunately the marketing spin machine of some companies is making it more difficult to discern quality. If you are not reading labels, it is time to start. Many brands endorsed by celebs are turning up on the supermarket shelves but a simple look at the ingredients list and you might discover additives, synthetic flavourings, or artificial preservatives.


Quality ~ Organic ~ Sustainable

We are champions of eating a wholefood diet and using superfoods is an easy way to enhance flavour and add nutrients. The passionate people behind Power Super Foods allow us to do just that by sourcing and providing quality, organic, sustainable ingredients. They are so easy to throw into a smoothie for that additional nutrient-dense hit. They also work well added to our morning oats or chia seed puddings, sprinkled on salads or baked into our kids’ school snacks.


Holiday Tip!

Our best holiday travel tip is to carry the wonderful Organic Coco-Lyte Sachets for the quick hydration fix – a standard issue for us now on long-haul flights.


Superfoods at Christmas Time


At Christmas time you can increase the nutrient-density of any Christmas baking you do by adding some superfoods – experiment with things like Maca, Coconut, Maqui Powder or throw in some Goldenberries into your pudding or Christmas cake. You can also make some healthy swaps – for example, swapping Cacao Nibs for chocolate chips in cookies, or Raw Organic Cacao for its highly-processed cousin cocoa.

With the silly season upon us, we have created a super quick recipe that will start your day off with a kick. Iced Cacao Crunch, a collaboration and celebration of two of our favourite flavours – chocolate and coffee.



Iced Cacao Crunch


1 cup almond milk

1 shot water-filtered decaf coffee

1 tablespoon Power Super Foods Cacao Crunch

1.5 tablespoons rice malt syrup

1 tablespoon almond butter

6 ice cubes

1 scoop of your favourite protein powder (chocolate protein powder works well)



Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

Serve over ice and enjoy!


Visit for upcoming events, Hilary & Kristy’s blog, newsletter sign-up and wellness coaching. In 2015 Friends Gather Round will be working to help their community to find their own ‘Balanced Wellness’. Connect on Instagram and Facebook @fgrwellness