Courtney Stewart is the lady behind Banana Rawpublic;

Raw Vegan company with a focus on inspiring others to make healthier, more sustainable choices. 

Hi, I'm Courtney, Founder of Banana Rawpublic. My fiancé and I have been using Power Super Foods products for quite some time now, and it's really lovely to know their ethics are inline with our own.


Courtney and Todd - Banana Rawpublic

My health journey started a while ago. Right from a young age I was allergic to dairy and very fussy about not eating meat, so my parents did what they could until I was old enough to decide what I wanted to eat, I chose to be vegetarian at 14. My decision wasn't supported by my family until I was 16 when they then let me have complete choice over my diet.

I was pretty conscious about healthy eating and trying to make meals from wholefoods. I remember after high school I started a fashion degree, but after a year I had become a really avid runner and was more interested in health and wellness, so I changed to a nutrition degree. Towards the end of my degree I took on another major so that I could leave uni with a double major in Nutrition and Exercise Science.

@bananarawpublic - Instagram shots

It was during my last year of university that I was traveling in Japan and found myself in some tiny op-shop in a small mountain town. Looking at different books on the shelf one English book stood out to me; the book was on juice cleansing and raw foods. I was intrigued! In my whole nutrition degree I'd never heard of juice cleansing or raw foods and had to learn what it was all about. I paid a couple of yen for this book and read it front to back a few times before I returned home. I was so fascinated by all the talk of raw foods helping a range of diseases and disorders.

At this time I was in my last year of uni, living off of soy lattes (even though I was studying nutrition....tsk, tsk), had poor sleeping patterns, was tired all the time and had really bad skin breakouts. This book talked about how upping the raw foods would help skin breakouts and energy levels. I was dying to trial it!  So, I did a 32 day juice fast and I was converted. I had so many compliments about my glowing skin and how happy I was that I didn't want to go back to my lazy vegan diet ever again! haha

@bananarawpublic - smoothie bowls and slices 

I started my blog while I was at uni as a personal raw food journey log I guess. I started posting photos of the recipes I made and started having raw food dinner parties with my housemates and family, making cakes for friends and then I was approached by a cafe in my city to make some cakes for them to sample.

I was so nervous taking my cakes to that cafe! I vividly remember sweating profusely as the head chef tasted them in front of me. They loved them! They made a giant order with all 4 flavors of my cakes and I spend the next 18 hours feverishly buying cake tins and ingredients, soaking cashews and delivering my first order after an all-nighter of caking (first of many).


@bananarawpublic - Delicious raw cakes

After a few years I met my fiance Todd (you're going to laugh) at a superfoods party!!

Yep, met my future husband with a superfood loaded smoothie in hand! And it wasn't long before he had quit his full time gig to be (a big) part of this Banana Rawpublic journey too.


Here is the recipe of one of our recent favourite smoothie bowls. It includes several of Power Super Food's delicious products too.

 PSF Smoothie Bowl



200ml of Coconut Water

5 bananas (peeled, sliced and frozen the night before)

2 Tbs of Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar

1 tsp of Power Super Foods Maca powder

2 tsp of Power Super Foods Maqui powder




Fresh strawberries

Freeze dried mango (crushed)

(Optional extras: Chia seeds, granola, banana, coconut flakes)




- Put all of the smoothie ingredients in the blender. Blend till well combined.

- Prepare the toppings

- Pour your smoothie into your favourite bowl. 

- Top with the strawberries and freeze dried mango (or toppings of choice) and voila!


There you have yourself a delicious Power Super Foods infused smoothie bowl :D



Courtney :D

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