I am a mumma, wife, blogger and teacher.

After contracting a nasty virus back in 2009 I never recovered and ended up with CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME for several years. Whilst I am fairly well these days I still need to be super careful. This experience opened my eyes up to the chemicals I was putting on and in my body on a daily basis. Nasty stuff!  I was inspired to share my findings (at www.rawandpure.com.au) of good NATURAL and/or ORGANIC products as I had wasted so much time and money on products to replace my toxic products that I wanted to share the good ones! I was tricked so many times by marketing scams or the word of people I thought would know best. Now I have turned into an ingredient ‘Nazi’ and carefully study every ingredient I put on and in my body (ok, I am a chocoholic so sometimes some of that bad stuff creeps in- but hey who’s perfect!).



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My gorgeous son Harrison (1.5 years old) keeps me fairly busy most days, and I try blog and post on Instagram when I can. I am also a high school teacher and after years off with illness I am back teaching which has been nice (most of the time)!


I absolutely love discovering new brands and products and love sharing them with my followers via social media and my blog. Skincare is definitely not a one size fits all approach and skin changes with seasons and stress etc. so it’s always good to have an army of products to help out any situation that life throws at us. I check every ingredient and source in any product or brand I promote and often say no to reviews or collaborations as I am super strict with what I promote. I only promote products and brands that I truly love, that I have found to work and that align with raw+pure’s ethics.



I love to incorporate Power Super Foods products into my cooking and in particular my morning smoothie. If I can make a nutrient dense smoothie to have in the morning I know that I have started my day off well and I tend to eat better during the day if I start it off right. A little tip for winter: add a splash of hot water to your smoothie so it isn’t so cold, that way your digestive system doesn’t need to work as hard. I only use the best products so it’s fair to say that Power Super Foods have made the cut and a brand you will always find in my pantry.


Danielle's fave PSF goodies 

It’s too hard to pick a favourite PSF product, but I do love and use pretty much on a daily basis the Dulse Flakes. I love to hide it in everything savoury I cook. So good to give my son (and husband!) a hit of goodness without them even knowing it! It’s such a treasure trove full of vitamins and minerals. Also the Cacao, Acai Powder, Cacao Crunch, Cacao Butter and Chia Seeds are regulars in my kitchen- as you can see I’m a bit of a fan!


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