Brrrrrr……. Winter is looming instead of quick summer showers we’re going to get back in the weekly habit of long, therapeutic baths– are you??


 “Taking the waters’’ as it used to be called is an age-old tradition that humans have been enjoying for aeons. Places like Bath, in England, became famous even back before Roman times, where people would gather to soak in the Epsom infused (magnesium sulphate) waters that were attributed healing and even curative powers.

Yoga, exercise, or massage are three highly recommended stress relievers as well as magnesium, aromatherapy and mineral soaks -- just like our magnesium bath crystals! Seriously, is there anything better than a long soothing soak to relieve stress or aches and pains?? We think not! Taking the time to economically revitalize for as little as 20 minutes in the bath (or even a foot soak!) can help us all face the next challenges life throws our way, and transition to a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.



Paul and I are committed hot springs ‘’junkies’’ from wayyyy back --- have hot spring? Will travel!! Especially those with clear clean water sources, and high healing mineral content, unpolluted by chlorine and other man-made chemicals. Highlights from our world travel soaks are:

  • the lower Annapurna circuit in Nepal, 
  • the beach hot springs in New Zealand, 
  • anywhere in wilderness British Columbia Canada, and 
  • right here in outback Australia (Coober Pedy).


These days, reality intrudes and it’s not as easy to make time for these special places with a busy business to run, so we wanted to recreate the experience in our own tub at home to continue enjoying the healthy benefits. When we started researching bath salts however, we discovered to our surprise (and horror!) that quality varied wildly. Heavy metal contamination and random pH levels that can strip our sensitive skin of it’s crucial protective layer are not uncommon in widely available products. Since your skin is the body’s biggest organ, we organic-obsessives couldn’t risk soaking in anything less than pure clean minerals! Additionally, as I have sensitive skin, I REALLY cant stand a lot of the fragranced perfumes and fake colourants added to most bath salts that are out there. This is why when you go to day spa’s around Australia, the products and salt scrubs they use are invariably organic!


Which is why a dozen years ago, we started our little 'business on the side', POWERbodycare, to bring clean bathing options to the health nuts like us out there! The first one we found (called Magnesium Power) is no longer harvested, due to climate change – the salty lake it was collected from is consistently flooded annually with excessive spring melt now and has lost its saltiness.


Then we introduced ‘’Magnesium Power” which has a unique iceberg shaped crystalline structure of magnesium chloride with highly alkalising and detoxifying benefits. Drawn from an average depth of 1800 metres, from possibly the most pristine natural source on the planet - the ancient underground Zechstein Sea, estimated to be 250 MILLION years old – the brine is sucked up to the surface then evaporated, leaving the beautiful bright white crystals. Athletes absolutely love soaking in this after a hard session – sore muscles are definitely eased! You can also make a cost-effective magnesium oil from these for an even stronger effect – recipe is on the package.



Our EpZEN range of high grade and optically pure white Epsom salts are wonderful, especially those scented with pure essential oils. Our Master of Relaxology, Paul, developed the ultimate bliss in a bag with our DETOX formula – the key ingredient is Canadian Birch oil which was used in Native American Indian sweat lodge ceremonies, and that we always had to import ourselves as it was unavailable here ! I wanted to create a floral scent that wasn’t nasty and unnatural, so in the RELAX I blended beautiful Rose Geranium with citrusy May Chang and lovely YlangYlang (& a few others) to create the ultimate girly fragrance. Lucky we are on rain water in a high precipitation area – we drained a whole tank with all our ‘’experiments’’ before we got the formulas right, but boy, were we relaxed that month! LOL



To round off, here’s a funny bath salt story (well, funny now). We had just imported a container of bath crystals (20 tonnes) and sent them off to the contract packaging company. They packed all morning then rang in the avo to say that the product was contaminated by tiny bugs and they had put the room on lockdown. We had started ringing Quarantine to pick up and destroy the shipment when suddenly I remembered my bio-chemistry lessons in Naturopathy schooling, and pointed out that life was not possible out of pure salt! Turns out that as it was a super hot day, the combination of salt particles and essential oil essence vapour in the air of the enclosed packing shed was ‘’zapping’’ these tiny, usually nearly invisible rainforest gnats (common to this area) out of the air! Production was shut down for a cooler day, the ‘’buggy’’ salts dumped around our organic farm (did you know citrus and some other plants LOVE magnesium sulphate??) and the shipment was thankfully saved – hurrah!


Yours in health, 

Lisa, Co-Founder