Hey there, Eliza from @fitfabfoods here! I’m a 22 year old physiotherapist with a passion for health, food and photography – a combination of which led me to creating my blog about a year ago. Not only do I get to make amazing healthy creations and style them up and take billions (not an exaggeration) of photos of them, but I get to share them with all of you guys too which makes it all the more worthwhile.

From a very early age, I’ve been exposed to the medical world through my parents’ professions, and have always had a very inquisitive mind and an interest in the human body and how it works. It’s not surprising that I am now working full time in a hospital as a physio in a job that is entirely based around the inner workings of our incredible bodies and working hard to find solutions when something goes wrong with it. The same can be said for the beginning of my relationship with healthy food – something went wrong with my body and I searched and experimented with my knowledge of human anatomy to find an answer.

Declicious treats from @fitfabfoods Instagram feed

I’ve always had a fairly decent diet, but when I left school, I started uni and was working 3 jobs. I was out of routine and eating whatever was the easiest option available in shopping centre food courts in whatever spare time I had. I started getting cramping and stomach pains and becoming incredibly sick almost every time I ate, and it was then that I decided I needed to start taking control of my body and my diet and make some changes. I cut out a majority of the processed foods I was consuming and stated preparing meals to take with me to eliminate the temptation and convenience of eating the food that had been making me so unwell. I started focusing on eating wholefoods like raw fruit and veg, lean proteins like chicken and fish and wholegrains like quinioa and brown rice. To this day, they are my staples; go to basics that can form the basis of any amazing, delicious and easy to prepare meals.

Through starting my blog, I was exposed to the world of superfoods… Maca powder, goji berries, cacao, coconut, acai (all Power Super Foods of course!)… These incredible foods in their natural state have the ability to immediately deliver immense levels of nutrients directly to the body, which are then easily absorbed and digested worked their magic and I immediately felt a difference in my digestion and energy levels. Superfoods have allowed me to transform my snacks meals into superfood creations.

Some of Eliza's favourite PSF Goodies

Our bodies only give out what we put in… Just like a high performance car needs the most pure, premium fuel to run at its best, so too does your body. They require natural, nutrient dense wholefoods free from chemicals, refined sugar and processed goods to function at their optimal physical function – and this true for elite athletes, those who work 9-5 sitting down all day in an office, and those of us in-between. The food we fuel ourselves with determines the quantity and quality of the energy the body creates for us to complete daily tasks like a workout, walking to the bus stop, brushing your teeth and even breathing!

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The power of eating well has unlimited benefits – in the short term, they can increase your energy levels, regulate your metabolism and improve your digestion, increase your brain function and increase your endurance for exercise and optimal physical function plus your body’s capacity for muscle growth and weight loss. In the long term, when combined with a moderate exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, they can significantly decrease the risk of developing preventable diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease…and its never too late to make the change! By switching to healthier foods, incorporating super foods into your diet and participating in 30 minutes of any kind of physical activity every day, you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to live a long, healthy and active life!

Below is a recipe for a quick and easy superfood breakfast, using Power Super Foods Maca Smoothie Blend (Maca and cacao powders) to show you just how easy it is incorporate superfoods into your diet. This delicious smoothie perfect for getting your energy up, supporting your immune system and will help to kickstart your brain for a big day ahead!

Choc and Salted Caramel Smoothie + Muesli bowl


1 cup almond milk

6 pitted medijool dates

1 chopped ripe banana (fresh or frozen pieces)

Half a ripe avocado (optional)

½ cup steel cut oats

2 tablespoons Maca Smoothie Blend

1 pinch Peruvian Pink Salt

Your favourite un-toasted muesli/nuts/seeds/fruit to top it off


1- Combine all ingredients except muesli into a blender

2- Place in fridge to increase consistency if desired, or pour straight into a bowl/cup/jar

3- Top with your favourite muesli or fruit and enjoy!

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