Juice Cleanse - great way to detox

Continuing on my juice blog series…….

Part 1 was prepping and organizing with the juice cleanses;

this Part 2 is describing how I feel mentally, physically and emotionally throughout.


 The Cleanse Kitchen Juices

Day 1> And we’re off! My juices from THE CLEANSE KITCHEN have arrived the avo before with lots of info, fibre cleansing and teas. I’m really looking forward to this and crack the first one around 7am – bliss, tastes delicious. Drinking 500ml approximately every 2 hours throughout the day, keeps me full – just as I feel the first twinges of hunger, it’s nearly juice time!

In winter, be sure to bring a few out of the fridge hours in advance so they are closer to room temperature – don’t want to shut down digestion with anything icy!

Then 8pm strikes, and I’m HUNGRY. I drink some of the cleansing tea, then take some of the cleansweep fibre. Uh oh, still hungry and there’s no juices on the roster for another 12 hours. I decide that rather than have a poor nite’s sleep, which I’ve been struggling with of late, I’ll eat a fresh picked mandarin and just go easy on myself for this first day.



Day 2>Wake up surprisingly unhungry, but feeling like there’s a fuzzy cat on my tongue. I drink a big glass of water, use my tongue cleaner and take the fibre supplement and put the tea to boil before tummy starts growling. These juices are really fresh and the combinations are delicious – I love that the variety makes me feel psychologically that I’m having a different ‘’meal’’ every time.

I feel strong and good all day but again 8pm rolls around and I’m suddenly hungry – is it me or my brain pretending, knowing that it has 12 hours to go?

I half heartedly attempt yoga, but its laziness more than lack of strength that prevents any real workout – I go to bed early instead.


Day 3> Noooooooo – let me sleep in! Don’t feel like getting up, its cold out, but the ducks are quacking. It’s Saturday so feeling lazy & jump back under the covers and doze off for an hour – never do that! Finally get up for my last day of this particular juice cleanse and have a moment of “what have I done!?” realizing that there is still more than a week to go off my favourite foods... NO EATING!

Feel like Paul is very far away and have a 'poor-me' moment before snapping out of it to handle the farm chores, with my first juice of the day in hand - yum.

I decide to get a massage to kill some time then go for a walk on the sunny (but chilly) beach afterwards, as part of my mental wellness enhancement.

I go to bed vaguely hungry but with a strange metallic taste in my mouth that no amount of (natural clay) toothpaste will get rid of – maybe the massage/walk has kicked the detox up a notch?

The ducks are quacking...

Day 4> Hmmm…… Sunday looms before me and instead of meeting up with friends for brunch/lunch/Sunday-sesh as usual, I open the fridge to the next round of juices from Canberra’s BlendCo – these are the ones with a longer shelf life plus 2 lots of nut mylks per day, which will be more filling. The first mylk is so delicious and a bit thick and tastes to me like nectar of the gods!

Taking a long Epsom salt bath with a magazine will kill some time - soaking in our EpZEN – Detox is the go, after some vigourous body brushing with a loofah to keep my lymph circulating and maximize toxin purging in the healing waters. I’m feeling really ‘’normal’’ today and decide that the next week of cleansing will be super easy! (we’ll see lols)


The BlendCo Juices

Day 5> Wake up Monday morning with the strangest taste of burnt celery & chili in my mouth – wtf?? ...this persists throughout the day and into the next morning. As all the ‘’plumbing’’ is moving along nicely, I know that it isn’t toxins backing up but for the average person, colonics or enemas might be a good idea at this point. If you were on a retreat you would be having them at least every other day, and on some, EVERY day (grim!).

I knock out a bit of relaxation breathing style yoga (hatha) before work, then complete the farm chores feeling energetic but persistently cold. As its been a mild winter, I’m thinking it must be the detox – I’m careful to keep myself well rugged up and wear a scarf even indoors at work – no time for sickness!


Day 6> HUMP DAY! I’m now at the mid-way point and feeling really good health-wise, and energetic. The fresh juices from Sol Cleanse have arrived for the next 3 days and they look really beautiful, though the first one every day is lemon water & cayenne, which feels like a bit of a robbery because The Cleanse Kitchen includes this as a bonus ‘’shot’’ plus the 6 daily juices. When you are cleansing, every bit of veg or fruit juice counts! Lols I have to say though that their combos are both exceptionally delicious and refreshing. The only downside at this point is Paul is still 2 weeks away from returning and having a great time with our overseas friends, so it’s feeling like a really lonngggg way away til his return. 

 The Sol Cleanse

Day 7> Today I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the mental tasking of the day and can't stop yawning from before lunch, so I drink my juices much sooner than the 2-hourly regime… at this rate I’ll be done for the day by 4pm!

The cold winter nights are not conducive to not eating, so I make myself Rooibus Chai teas (with almond milk) between juices to try to get back on track.

Though running your own business is always stressful, I can see the dark circles from frequent travel I had acquired under my eyes this year have reduced, my dry lips have vanished, and I swear my hair is really soft and fluffy! On the plus side, I feel extra alert with creative idea pops going off in my brain like fireworks, but on the down, I need my ‘’deep sleep’’ hemi-sync sleephones to actually switch off and fall asleep for the night.

Rooibus Tea with nut mylk


Day 8> So I’m over halfway and only now jump on the scales to check what’s happening – this isn’t a weight loss exercise but a toxin-loss one! I’m pleased to see that my skinny jeans have indeed loosened up and it’s not my hopeful imagination! I’ve lost 2kg, or ¼ kilo per day on average, further proving that you will not keel over and drop from taking a break from food, even for more than a week. And its not like I have too much extra stored for a rainy day with whacks to lose or something - last time my body fat was measured it was a healthy 18% (tho I would be up on that in winter) and my (big-boned) BMI was 22.


Day 9>I wake up feeling proud that officially this is the longest cleanse I’ve ever done! Bounce out of bed, cuddle the ducks who are being extra cute, and start the day reverting to the BlendCo juices that have been patiently waiting for me in the fridge, in their longer life bottles. Though the flavour combos still taste great, somehow they don’t taste quite as fresh as when they first arrived, especially the mylks that are separating, or maybe its because I’ve just done 2 lots of 3-days each of the superfreshy deliveries. Maybe it’s all just in my head?!

Get to work and being Friday and rushed, the day flies by in a flurry and I feel like I should feel like a glass of wine in the bath when I get home, but realize that’s more habit than genuine desire. I have the bath anyway with the last nut mylk of the day, and fall asleep easily.

Love to cuddle the ducks x


Day 10> Almost done and I reflect on what I have learned. Mostly, that I spend an inordinate amount of time planning, shopping for, preparing, and cleaning up after food feasts! Of course, you could juice everything yourself, but the home delivery system (or local pickup if you’re in a city) removes any psychological roadblocks.

When my sister and her husband did the Reboot with Joe program for 3 WHOLE WEEKS (kudos u two), EVERY day they spent at least 30 minutes shopping for ingredients plus 1 hour juicing plus cleanup, while simultaneously working full time and running after/food-prepping for their 2 kids. Honestly? I don’t think I would manage to do all that! Very grateful that these juice services exist to take a true mental break from always thinking about our next meal.


Day 11> Lucky Last!! Well, I have to admit that all this liquid is now definitely taking its toll in the toilet – with not much solids in my stomach for so long other than the twice-daily fibre blends, its more like I’m peeing from both ends than anything else which is getting a bit uncomfortable. Next time I may have to upgrade my unbleached toilet paper from recyclables to some plusher, posher stuff! Lols

I am actually thrilled at the thought of eating actual food and give myself a talking-to about how slowlllllyyyy I will eat when I do. You only make the mistake once of breaking a fast with wrong foods, or gorging on too much of even the healthy ones – it is agony of griping proportions!

My willpower is now unbreakable and I pre-prepare all of tomorrow’s mini-meals in advance so I don’t buckle. Paul is home in only 5 days and that makes me very very VERY happy!

I fall asleep smiling, knowing that I am healthier physically, emotionally, and mentally stronger and more alert for having accepted and met this challenge. Maybe next year I’ll go 2 weeks!!! 

Back to food prep... 

Part 3BREAKING THE FAST  -  the final installment of my juice cleanse will be up soon... till then :)


Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan