SO excited!  Headquarters is all abuzz here with the launch of Power Super Foods’ first-ever multi-ingredient product…. NEW morning munch in 3 gourmet flavours! 


After months of trial runs and taste tests we believe we’ve struck gold with our fab flavours: strawberry/vanilla/chocolate Neapolitan; Pumpkin Spice with aromatic figgy/walnutty/zesty yumminess, & Cashew Colada (my favourite) with a Piña Colada scent from pineapple, banana & coconut.  Hellooooo deelushus!! 


How did it all come about?  Well, we discovered we loved TIGER NUTS!  (small edible tubers with a naturally nut-like and a somewhat sweet taste). While just hitting our collective radar on this continent, they are actually an ancient superfood, having been collected for consumption in Africa for thousands of years.  Fun fact, it’s speculated that this super-for-you food composed 80% of our primate ancestors paleolithic diet!

As mentioned many times in the past few months, PSF is really determined to unite the paleo and vegan camps, who seem to be perpetually in a war of words.  Except for that pesky meat-eating thing (teehee), their dual commitment to high fibre sources of clean and functional fruits and vegetables on the plate is actually perfectly aligned in our mind.  So let’s celebrate our unity!  With an utter lack of truly paleo breakfast products in the the marketplace that satisfy all picky paleo palates (no nut-heaviness or pseudo-grains here thanks!), while adhering strictly to vegan eating principles too, Morning Munch ticks all the boxes. 

Tiger Nut cultivation - skinned Tiger Nuts


Amongst the health conscious, it seems the obsession with protein content is waning, and the good vs. bad fats debate has died down, so the new fitness fad is FIBRE !! Tiger Nuts are jam packed full of crucial resistant starch (prebiotic), providing powerful fuel for the beneficial bacteria (aka human microbiome) in your gut to proliferate. Just one serving of Morning Munch will give you over 30% of your daily fibre needs – and the kind we all need more of!


When conjuring up the flavours we hoped to create, we thought back to our happiest times ………

Childhood Spring-times when the ice cream truck music started making first rounds after a long cold winter manifested as Neapolitan -- that delicious trio of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.  We’ve amped it up a superfood notch with real strawberries (freeze dried for maximum nutritional value), decadent vanilla scented Lucuma, Cacao Crunch with its smoky mocha undertones, all dusted with pretty pink Hibiscus petals. Ahhhh, the innocence of youth! 

Get Neapolitan!


For Cashew Colada it was about lazy long Summer days at the bright blue beach, pairing banana bits (unsulphured of course!) and snap-frozen pineapple with creamy cashews and hydrating coconut.  Add the refreshing zing of ginger crumbs and sunshine-y yellow Calendula petals and we can almost smell the tall cool pina coladas (smoothies, of course haha).

Buy Cashew Colada!


Coming from Canada, Autumn to me always meant crunching through fallen leaves as days shorten and nights become cooler, and we move indoors more often as morning frosts settle on the garden.  Warming Pumpkin Spice sums it all up for me – and using  the family’s secret sweet punky pie spice combo perfectly paired with cranberry and figs, walnuts and pepita seeds, all toasty with the soothing orange Safflower petals. Rug up & dig in!

Purchase Pumpkin Spice!


Finally, another fun fact : the inclusion of the ‘Plants Have Power’ functional food ingredients is an element science has largely overlooked and is only now being rediscovered!  Hibiscus with their deep rosy petals are rich in bioavailable antioxidants and traditionally used to reduce overall oxidative impact.  Bright Safflower petals are high in antioxidant pigments and used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to invigorate the blood. And those deep yellow Calendula petals? They’re high in antioxidants and flavonoids and historically used to ease stomach upset.  Eat your way to health!

Safflower - Calendula - Hibiscus


So from every perspective, Morning Munch satisfies both the health fiend and the gourmand in me … Vegan, Paleo, Grain-free, Activated, Prebiotic, Organic ingredients and rich in magnesium, protein, iron, fibre while being low in sodium.  All ingredients are non-GMO, the flowers wildcrafted, the seeds and nuts activated where necessary, and the most flavourful spices we could find (most of which are functional foods too!)  


PS: Love to hear what you think waking up to this healthy indulgence, so please be sure to photograph and tag us in your Morning Munch social posts!


Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan