Magnificent Sea Vegetables!

"Seaweeds. Ick. Ugh. Yuck."

That was the reaction of heaps of Australians when I first said I was going to sell organic seaweeds!  Since most Aussies aren't super familiar with these ‘’VEGETABLES OF THE SEA" here’s a brief overview.  They are divided basically into 3 types; BLACK, RED and GREEN,  come in various shapes with various uses and need salty water and sunlight to grow.  Most are EDIBLE but some are used for specific purposes (eg. binders like carrageenan), or stink to high hell (like beautiful bright green ‘’sea lettuce’’), or can have an unbearably tough texture (bladderwrack).  

Seaweeds are also used for erosion control and manufactured into fertilizer, adhesives, beauty products, dyes, and are being studied both for bioethanol production and anti-viral capabilities.  In fact, a Tasmanian company discovered the anti-herpes capability of Wakame growing along the Eastern shore, and Canadians are studying the anti-melanoma capabilities of Dulse!



This Australian continent originated as Gondwanaland aeons ago and is very old.

Like, really really OLD.  The oldest. Consequently it rose out of the life-giving sea a REALLY long time ago.  And erosion and poor farming practices mean that these nutrients are not often replenished by tidal influxes or the like.  Remember the huge flooding rains a couple years ago, that started in the far north and washed through the centre, leaving wildflowers and prolific grasses throughout the heart of queensland after years of drought?  You can think of eating seaweeds as kinda the same, bathing your starving organs in a rich brew of MINERALS and TRACE ELEMENTS. Yum. 



 The outback after the floods have passed through - nourished!

Seaweed Harvesting...

Most coastal countries we have visited worldwide have either commercial seaweed operations (Indonesia alone produces approx. 10 million tonnes) or a history of hand-gathering for personal consumption eg. Scotland.  The volume of production in Asian countries is staggering – particularly China, Japan and Korea – but is also a very mechanized process with a high carbon footprint and is also disruptive to sea life growing within the ‘’fields’’. 

What we love most about all three of our Canadian seaweeds - Natural Nori (black) and Wild Wakame (green) Flakes, and Dulse (red) Leaf & Flakes – is that they are WILD-HARVESTED off a beautifully remote island in the Maritime provinces with a massive daily in-rushing of freezing clean NUTRIENT-RICH WATERS

This is also the home of the last of the NORTHERN RIGHT WHALES – only 350 of these beautiful creatures remain – which is why for the last half dozen years our SEA POWER range has donated to the fearless SEA SHEPHERD AUSTRALIA, who try passionately to save all cetaceans from extinction.

Being hand collected out of beautiful brightly painted rowboats, then sundried on specially prepared rock beds, and finally hand packed in their unadulterated form is such an ‘’old-school’’ yet whale-and-eco-friendly industry for the inhabitants there……... here’s our co-founder Paul conducting an ‘’on-site’’ inspection. 



Our Co-Founder Paul overseeing some seaweed drying in Eastern Canada 

Our beautiful ‘’Origin Series” packaging

Was inspired by the stories of native peoples plumbing the depths of the sea for nourishment of all sorts as a healthy addition to their hunter/gatherer diets.  I’ll never forget the first time I visited Tasmania, being told at the museum how aboriginal women would coat themselves in seal fat to keep warm while diving naked for crustaceans, fish, and sea vegetables.  Considering I wouldn’t even swim those cold waters in summer, I thought they’d drawn the short straw!  Subsequently, I learned that this was quite common for the first peoples living coastally in North America as well.  You can see from the original drawing that we made only minor adjustments to our artist’s interpretation, lengthening her flowing seaweed hair and removing some extraneous seaweed from one of our beautiful  mermaid’s hands.  


The beautiful drawing that became the new Seaweed packaging 

Funny that the vets here will advise adding seaweed to dog and horse feed but our doctors rarely give much nutritional advice for humans.  Sadly, some beneficial seaweeds are not allowed to be sold here eg. Kombu, and frankly there’s no real profit in seaweeds anyway so most companies don’t bother.  But VEGANS, PALEO peeps, VEGETARIANS, ATHLETES, stress-heads or anyone on a ‘’free-from’’ diet really need to regularly include seaweeds in their diet for that crucial trace element and mineral boost - your body will thank you. 

It’s just so easy to sneak seaweed flakes into anything savoury, so I really encourage you to make an effort and see the difference in hair, skin & nails.  Even foods for kids - bolognaise, broths, stirfrys, soups, rissoles, pizza sauce, hamburgers, etc - they wont even know it’s there!



The Eastern Canadian coastline where our seaweed is harvested from. pure and clean.

Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan