The Small Seed


Your Instagram feed is just stunning, can you tell us how it came about?

Thank you, I have always had a love for food and eating healthily. My parents were in the catering business for over 30 years – so I guess that growing up surrounded by it nurtured my interest – but it was not until a lot later that my passion for it came about. Initially my journey began selling sugar filled cup cakes at markets, a million miles from the healthy creations I produce now, but I did fall in love with the creative aspect of producing and styling food – my first pictures on Instagram still show these early days.


Around two years ago I went to see an acupuncturist due to digestive discomfort and back issues, which led me down a wheat free path. This was the turning point for me as I had to change my eating habits, wheat seems to be in everything these days so I had to teach myself how to cook again (I was an avid baker!). This led to the birth of “@the_smallseed_” and the healthy, plant based foods that I enjoy creating and sharing today – both with my family and hopefully inspiring others.


Are you a professional photographer?


Another aspect of my Instagram page that I am very passionate about is the food styling and photography – I have always had a love photography – but in no way am I a pro!! I am just thrilled that two of the things I love to do come together naturally! I’m always so humbled by all the beautiful comments people leave me on my posts regarding this.


Do you photograph only food or do you also have amazing family albums to look at lol. What is your day job?


Ha – funnily enough I used to take heaps of family pics, I have a wall at home dedicated to family photos – but nowadays my mobile has mainly food photos on it – thousands of them!!


We love the mix of sweet and savoury foods on your feed, which is your favourite and why?


Oooh that’s a tough one – it depends what mood I’m in and how hormonal I’m feeling!! I reckon I’m more a savoury girl – I love my greens!


Does your family love your food? Are they healthier because of it do you think?


My husband loves what I cook/create – he would eat anything!! I’m lucky – he also believes in eating healthily. My three children are good eaters – if I’m honest they don’t always like everything I make but the motto in our household is to try everything at least once, most times they’ll realize that they actually like it!!


Do you identify as anything particular when it comes to food? ie) plant-based, vegan, paleo, vegetarian, flexitarian, gluten free, dairy free etc. What is your food story?


No I don’t identify myself by any labels as I feel physiologically this can have a very negative effect on one. My food choice, however, is mainly a plant based one.


Is organic an important choice for you when purchasing your food?


Organic is one of the elements I consider when shopping for produce – however the other important factors for me are sourcing as much local produce as possible (farmer’s markets, farm gates etc) alongside growing a heap of our own fruit and veges – this is both for nutritional and environmental reasons.


Do you regularly include superfoods into your diet? Which is your favourite?


Yes!! Superfoods are added to many of my recipes on a daily basis, especially smoothies, as it is such a great and easy way to add that extra nutritional value. Not sure I can pick just one so I am going to give you my two current favourites – Chia and Quinoa.


Do you have a favourite local health shop where you purchase your health foods?


Yes I have a few but my favourite is “Market Life”, amazing store selling local fresh and organic fruit and vegetables that also carries a great range of gluten free and vegan products plus pure protein supplies


What’s your favourite way to relax?


Sitting curled up on my day bed out on my deck in all types of weather, nestled amongst the tree tops, listening to nature and getting lost in deep thought – this has to be absolute ultimate way of relaxing, love it!!

Here are two of Chloe's fave superfood recipes:


Budha Bowl 


Brown Rice, Nori, Tofu Bowl with: 
spring onions
red pepper 
pickled ginger
Dulse flakes

Hot Ginger and Turmeric Oats sprinkled with Morning Munch Neapolitan and fresh fruits

3/4 Cup of oats
2 Cups of Coconut water

Cook the above ingredients in a small saucepan on a low heat until cooked, stirring occasionally.

Ginger (1/2 inch grated)
Turmeric (1/2 inch grated)

Stir in fresh grated Ginger and Turmeric - aprox half an inch of each (or to taste)

Morning Munch Neapolitan

Serve in bowls and add your chosen toppings


 To connect with Chloe head to Instagram @the_smallseed_