A smoothier way to detox?

Hi and a huge welcome back to Power Super Foods for 2015!!  We’re all refreshed and raring to go after the break having really enjoyed the downtime, especially unplugging from social media and detoxing our brains from the constancy of it all here at PSF headquarters.  Likely you are all feeling the after effects of being ‘off the program’ too, as we are, so we thought this month we’d talk easy DETOX and all things related – and how super simple it is to really give your body a rejuvenating break – quite painless AND delicious! 


Frankly, I think all the negativity around cleansing is outright rubbish from those either with a vested interest in keeping us unwell, or some too petrified to challenge themselves with something outside their comfort zone – I mean, we religiously brush our teeth every night, yet thinks it’s weird to ‘sweep out our butts’ even once a year?  I’m equally guilty though, once upon a time -- I’ll never forget travelling Guatemala 20 years ago, together with a good friend, when she opted for a week long juice fast and literally thinking she was nuts, even though the conditions were ideal. Hanging around a beautiful lake. Nothing to do all day but swim or cycle or stargaze. A warm tropical environment with lots of local healers available for treatments. Still I could think of a thousand reasons why ‘’I could NEVER do that, I’d die of hunger”.


Because anyone who knows me knows that I’m far from an evangelist when it comes to what’s on my plate (other than organics), being both a foodie and a bit of a hedonist!  However, I am now also a firm believer in occasional periods of what some would call ‘deprivation’.  Why? Because too much of a good thing is just that – and first-world obesity statistics prove that being able to pop out to the shop and buy pretty much ANYTHING, healthy or not, has not helped our society or our overall health and longevity. In times past, humans regularly ‘went without’ periodically, while on the move etc, and alternated periods of gluttonous satiety with likely longer periods of scarcity.  And before you think I’m advocating it being a matter of flogging ourselves with a program called ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’,  perhaps we all have to get away from the mindset that we’ll drop dead from a well planned, well organized break in our eating routine.  


On a dietary level, in our lives together Paul and I have experienced almost every eating plan you can think of at some time or another – from vegan, raw, gluten-free, vegetarian, anti-candida, dairy-free, paleo, fasting, etc – you name it, curiosity has steered us there for a time.  Suggesting that any of these are ‘fads’ is really quite scientifically ignorant, as equally nonsensical as adhering unrelentingly to a dietary dogma that may or may not serve you anymore over time. As you grow older, evolve, change – isn't it better to cultivate balance if you don't look that enviably radiant or even healthy, rather than identify as an “I’M A xxxxxxxxx (insert noun here eg. veggo)?


No eye contact? what! 

Eventually, I decided that my track record of ‘trail-blazing early adopter’ would be in jeopardy if I didn’t give detoxing a go so I signed up for a 3 day forest retreat of wheatgrass & juices with twice daily yoga – to top it off, it was a silent retreat with NO EYE CONTACT!  All or nothing, that’s my motto through life LOL.  Even though I smuggled in muesli bars and hid them under my sleeping bag, along with Gourmet Traveller magazine ‘just in case’ ...... you know what?  I absolutely loved every minute of it, the freedom of not worrying what/when about my next meal, and was rarely hungry for more than 15 minutes before the next ‘serving’ -- and that was an utter revelation.


So now, every year on my birthday (or thereabouts), I reward my body with a break from the food train routine, including in Bali with Embracing Health Retreats, locally with Byron Bay Detox Retreats, and even a week-long water fast with magnesium enthusiasts White Lotus Cleansing Retreats!  I always feel great, so a word to the wise - never detox with me as I’m that really annoying person that is jumping on bicycles, urging ocean swims, never misses a yoga class, and is uber-cheerful when all around some first-timers are looking seedy and emanating from their pores….. really interesting how far I’ve come that I now consider it a present to myself and not a punishment!! 


 but... can it be delicious? 

Arghhhh, still cant do it!  (you may be saying at this point) So let’s discuss easier ways to dip your toe in, now that the tinsel is down, and the seasonal parties are over…..  it can be as simple as a recent trick I learned at a Thermomix demo with one of Australia’s leading spa cuisine chefs, Sam Gowing.  Every morning for a month, into a high speed blender, put pure water or coconut water with the juice of a lemon or lime (skin optional, only if organic!), a handful of fresh parsley or mint, and sweetener of choice (I use lemon or honey flavoured stevia drops).  This alkalizing, chlorophyll rich drink is like an internal breath mint, bowel stimulator, and yummy green summer wakeup call all in one!   Alternatively, simply replace 1 ‘normal’ meal daily with a delicious organic smoothie for a period of at least a week – ideally with a combination of antioxidant/energizing/electrolyte/mineralized superfoods –there are endless recipes on the web or Instagram, and in the RECIPES section of our website.




I hope I’ve inspired you to give it a go – maybe just over a 3 day weekend?!  - and to JOIN THE SMOOTHMENT!   Sign up to our newsletter for a Discount Code on our favourite Power Super Foods smoothie ingredients: SUPERBLAST:ANTIOXIDANT, Acai powder with omegas, energizing Maca Smoothie Blend, and hydrating CocoLyte coconut water powder. 

We have a fantastic lineup of fascinating bloggers this year so stay tuned ……..wishing you & yours a wonderful year ahead – onward & upward!!  

Yours in health, Lisa Jordan/Co-Founder/PSF



PS: I’d like to round out by thanking our Power Packers who are enjoying an extra week off to rest their bodies and detox from the physicality of their work – unless you’ve seen them in action, you could never know how hard, how fast, and how thoroughly they all work every day to ensure our brand’s exceptional and I think unparalleled reputation for consistency and aesthetic quality, over so very many years now.  They really pack with love, and Paul and I have always believed that’s part of the magic imbued in our brand, and attribute a great deal of our success to this energy within every packet - we truly hope they are dancing with rainbow unicorns, or something equally fabulous this week – so well deserved, we really appreciate you !! xoxo L&P