Hellllooooo Summer!

Wow, November has arrived with a blast of hot humid air here in the Northern Rivers, with more forecast for the week. We were wondering when true smoothie weather would arrive this year?! Generally we can get slammed from September, but right up til Halloween this year we’ve been carrying cardys to the office, and still keeping the winter dooners at hand for cool nites. But from now til February with the build up of the wet to cyclone season, we’ll be thinking/talking/making smoothies for brekky/lunch & sometimes dinner as the barometer drives out hunger for heavy foodstuffs. This is good news for our guts and an opportunity for our bodies to throw off some stored excesses from the cooler, slower seasons.

One of my absolute favourite PSF products has to be SUPERBLAST: Antioxidant, a mix of powders with a free-radical-busting punch. Originally designed as one of a series, with a ‘’comic book’’ feel for the packaging, the project got put on hold when the overwhelming job of rebranding for the Origin Series got underway – perhaps the time has come to revisit! Current science states that antioxidants are actually much more effective and potent working synergistically in combination with a few types, rather than alone. With a 30/30/30 combo of incredible pomegranate powder, go-go goji powder, and marvellously antioxidant maqui powder, plus a 10% addition of CamuCamu powder, this was the biggest, tastiest bang-for-your-buck we created for summer smoothie season.

To break it down:

>the antioxidants in MAQUI are 3 times higher than those of superfruit Acai, and include a)anthocyanins (like those found in blueberries blue pigment), b) Vitamins A&C, c) Omegas and d) polyphenols (micronutrients playing a role in degenerative disease prevention)

>>POMEGRANATE also contains antioxidant polyphenols (eg. tannins), Vitamin C, anthocyanins PLUS ellagic acid like that found in strawberries that make them healthy for you!

>>>the properties of GOJI have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the powdered version is even easier for the body to assimilate the antioxidant Vitamins A/C/E plus carotenoids (red pigment) and 21 trace elements including selenium (deficient in Australian soils) and rare anti-cancer germanium. These berry jewels also contain unique compounds like physalin, solavetivone and cyperone -- science is just beginning to understand the protective effect within the body.

>>>>And finally, the little-known but amazing red CamuCamu berry from the Amazon riverways – Nature’s rainforest miracle medicine chest! There is so much Vitamin C in these antioxidant superfruits that we have to limit the content to 10% or you might be sprinting for the nearest loo after every sip! LOLs

Free Radicals

On a side note, I have to say I’m sick to death of ‘’scientists’’ telling us what is or isn’t healthy for us, or what we SHOULD be eating. From one week or year to the next, they change their minds about what is healthy (eg. think Eggs. Butter. Sugar. Canola. Coconut oil. etc etc), or start debunking new food fads (eg. paleo) seemingly based on whatever manipulation of data suits their corporate sponsors.

If ‘’fact’’ is so flexible, and absolute truth never truly within our grasp as new science is discovered, then aren’t we just smarter in saying “This makes me, a unique individual, feel/look better’’ or “That makes me feel/look crap, so I avoid” ??

Are we really so out of touch with our own bodies that we no longer know?

I think our customers are an awful lot smarter than that……… so spring into summer, and JOIN THE SMOOTHMENT!

Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan/Co-Founder