Hello again and hope you are having a very berry day!

There’s really nothing so healthful in easy ‘’snack’’ foods as the humble berry which is why we make a point of heading to Tasmania every summer to eat a fresh picked bounty -- bursting strawberrys, plump blueberries, squishy raspberries, yum. And think about how many grazing animals and birds thrive eating them, huge grizzly bears in Canada spring to mind – and you’ll realize how lucky we are to share in this harvest. So for this blog post, I’m going to share some little known facts about all things berry – the world of superfood import and packing is not as simple as you’d might expect!

All our Berry Power products are produced in state of the art facilities to highest international safety standards and come with batch-specific food safety lab testing results re human consumption, with the added regulatory oversight required of being certified organic.  Most people don’t realize that you cant process organic products in a non-organic certified facility!  


THANKS, Oprah!

I’d been fascinated by the properties of berries for a while and so we launched the Berry Power range about 5 or 6 years ago, shortly before it was seen on the Oprah Winfrey show – if I ever meet her I owe her a smoothie! Sales took off immediately but we could never have imagined how the globe would come to embrace this antioxidant purple berry powerhouse... as you know, it’s pretty easy to find a café in just about any city anywhere now willing to serve you a smoothie bowl with Acai pulp as a key ingredient. But I’m getting ahead of myself...

During our recent rebranding exercise, I worked with our artist to encompass the hunter-gatherer aspect of berry collection throughout history and celebrate the beauty and colour of these exotic food’s origins – an artistic interpretation of course! Only problem is, they come from such diverse countries, landscapes and cultures so I submitted heaps of images for inspiration including the beautiful flora and fauna of that region, the stories of Amazonian floodplains, certain berries harvested by dugout canoe, as well as some of the traditional tribal clothing of the people from that region.

Here is the original Berry Power brand drawing, representing the traditional costume of the little-known Mapuche Indians of the Patagonia region of Chile – theirs is almost more reminiscent of American Indian dress to my mind – and their ancestors still collect wild-harvested Maqui berries from self-sown bushes today. As you can see, the central portion of the final version did stray quite significantly from the draft, as we had by this point decided on a more feminine depiction for each in the series.



Maqui is, in our opinion, one of the most undervalued superfoods around – only recently has the vivid purple colour started gaining fans but mostly through the gorgeously-hued Instagram shots of the delicious cakes made from it! Growing in the temperate rainforests of Chile near the Andes mountains, and being 10 times more antioxidant than grapes, scientists are still studying how many ways they may punch above their weight -- diabetes, macular degeneration, heart health and virus protection – all are ongoing areas of investigation.

Goldenberries originated in the mountainous regions of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, then travelled the world with pirates and explorers as they are a highly nutritious fibre source and contain Vitamin C (relevant re: scurvy). Being easily dried for travel, the seeds within can remain viable for long periods for quick growth when colonizing new lands (eg. South Africa, Pacific Islands, etc). Consequently, there are many names in many languages around the globe for them (eg. poha in Hawaiian) and are grown commercially today in China, Thailand and Egypt – but we prefer to buy from the true ‘’source’’ - South America.

When we first introduced them in bulk kilos on our website, we were having weekly orders from a whole new crew of webshoppers with extraordinarily complicated to spell last names, ordering 5, 7 or 9 kilos at a time. What for?? I had to know……so one day I randomly rang up one up the customers and asked WTF?? They explained that in their native country of Turkey, Type 2 diabetes was prevalent and his grandparents’ generation favoured this berry as for management. Apparently, word had spread (bingo?bowls club? ;) that great tasting ones at a good price were available at PSF, and it was all on like donkey kong. I really knew that superfoods had finally hit the mainstream a couple years ago on the day I was served this somewhat obscure berry as a golden garnish on my salad in the Virgin airline lounge, and found chocolate covered Goldenberries in the aisle of one of the Big Two supermarkets!


Have you ever tasted ‘’fishy’’ Acai? Ick. Another property of Acai berries is their Omega content which is great for our health, but not so great from a longevity perspective – these oils can oxidise easily if overheated in transport or mis-handled during packaging, leaving an unpleasant odour and flavour. Acai must also be flash pasteurized as a condition of export from Brazil to eliminate any nasties and ensure it is safe for us to consume.

That’s why we source the freshest-made powder possible, carefully pack it in climate controlled conditions in small quantities here, then include an oxygen absorbing sachet to further stabilize the product within, to maintain uniform colour and taste, and naturally preserve the nutritional profile.

This month, in celebration of all things berry, we’ve got a berry great discount code to offer if you’ve signed up for our newsletter, and next week our naturopath-in-residence will shed more light on why superberrys are the best!

Til next time………Yours in health,

Lisa Jordan/Co-Founder/PSF