Why you need to be drinking Superfood Smoothies

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 Let's face it, we are exposed to a fair whack of environmental toxins via pollution, electromagnetic radiation, cleaning products and, foods that are laden with chemicals and various concoctions of unpronounceable ingredients. A lifestyle of high stress, minimum rest with a nutritionally deficient diet is not uncommon and, not exactly a winning combo for feeling our best. A cup of overwhelm with a dash of fatigue, anyone?

We all deserve to thrive and, live a life we love. I believe real foods, raw foods and, super foods are the gateway to fortifying your body & mind and, living your potential. These foods deliver life-giving nutrients that positively impact weight, mood and the degree to which we feel and look utterly radiant.


What we place in our mouths can change the way we feel and the energy we have. Our food choices matter. Our food choices determine whether we prevent or incite disease, cultivate or inhibit beauty, energise or deplete our body. Just as an example of what I mean, the energy and effect of a can of coke is worlds apart from the energy and effect of a green juice or, a health filled smoothie. I'm a big fan of getting alot of nourishment in my bod and, fortifying my system from the inside out.. without a lot of work! (who's with me here?!).


..Hello Superfood smoothie!!


Drinking a daily super food smoothie, along with a real food diet, goes a long way to giving your body a massive hit of nutrients that help to;

 -energise your cells,

-get your skin glowy,

-feed your hair and nails,

-balance your hormones and mood &,

-assist in stabilising your weight.

Yes please!


Smoothies are a staple in my diet. I love the instant nourishment and satiation that comes from a thick and creamy smoothie. And, to know that I am getting maximum nutritional bang for my buck! Not to mention, the simplicity of throwing 3-6 ingredients in a blender and, voila! A health-giving, nutrient dense, energy hit.


If your not drinking daily smoothies yet, join the smoothment! Turbo charge your smoothie by adding super foods like maca, cacao, bee pollen or goji berries to it.


This is one of my fav go-to smoothies.


Having Maca Smoothie in the mix ensures a good hit of protein and, makes a great brekkie, pre or post workout drink.


Quick tip #1: Keep frozen bananas in the freezer - they are great for bulking up smoothies.


Quick tip #2: Have a batch of nut milk in the fridge ready to use in your smoothies (if not, long life nut milk will do the job just be sure to check the label! Not all nut milks are created equal! I have a super yummy nut milk recipe in my eBook 'Real, Raw & Radiant').


Quick tip #3: Enjoy the instant energy!



• 1 cup of brazil nut milk

• 2 frozen bananas

• 2 tbsp coconut yoghurt

• 1 tsp maca - Maca Smoothie Blend from Power Super Foods is awesome!

• 1 tbsp Cacao Nibs

• 1-2 tbsp almond spread


• 1 tsp Cacao Nibs

• 1 tsp bee pollen

• 1 tsp Goji Berries

Zshoosh the ingredients together in a blender, pour into glass and sprinkle on toppings.


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About Monica:

Monica is a Food Coach (The Australian Food Coach Institute), Raw Nutritionist (Raw Nutrition Certification, BodyMind Institute) and author of 'Real, Raw & Radiant - real food, raw food and super food guide'. She is passionate about energising people's lives through high quality nutrition and specialises in 1 to 1 consultations that include a nutritional assessment and plan tailored to each person's unique needs. Join the Real, Raw &, Wild community at: www.realrawwild.com.au