We all lead busy lives and it’s not always easy to fit even the simplest of healthy meals into our day. Smoothies can provide a highly-nutritious, quick and easy solution, but as your health and nutrition needs vary day-to-day, sometimes even your go-to smoothie can fall short in providing the perfect blend to suit your daily needs.

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High intakes of certain nutrients can positively affect our health. Despite our best efforts though, it can be difficult to ensure we get these nutrients in adequate amounts. Enter superfoods.


Nutritionist Cate Lilja explains why these powerhouses should be a part of our everyday diet, and which ones pack the most punch.

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Searching for the next superfood trend? You may want to explore under the sea. Seaweed is set to ride a wave of nutritional popularity this year.

Cate Lilja explains why seaweed could soon be swishing its way into your shopping basket.

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Maca may look like a rather unassuming root vegetable but there is much more to this little tuber than you may think.

 Naturopath Cate Lilja reports on the many marvels of maca.

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Theobroma cacao, from the ancient Greek Theo meaning god, and broma meaning food, is literally translated to “food of the gods”. For those who love cacao’s rich, decadent taste – especially in chocolate, “food of the gods” is an accurate description.


Naturopath Cate Lilja extolls the many virtues of the beloved cacao.

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A healthier dinner


Hannah and Jen from Health Synergy here, sharing our fourth and final post as part of our wellness-boosting collaboration with Power Super Foods.


The topic for this post is a healthier dinner. This covers what to include on your plate and how soon before bed you should ideally be aiming to enjoy dinner.


Ready to begin?


Read on for some inspiration and ideas on enjoying a healthier dinner.


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A healthier lunch


Hannah and Jen from Health Synergy here, sharing our third post as part of our wellness-boosting collaboration with Power Super Foods.


The topic for this post is a healthier lunch.


Elements of a healthier lunch include enjoying foods that will keep you fueled throughout the afternoon, practicing portion control and enjoying the occasional liquid lunch to give your digestive system a rest.  


Ready to begin?


Read on for some inspiration and ideas on enjoying a healthier lunch.


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Starting the day right

Hannah and Jen from Health Synergy here, sharing our second post as part of our wellness-boosting collaboration with Power Super Foods.

The topic for this post is starting the day right.


Getting off to a healthy start first thing of a morning is so important because it establishes your mindset and behavior for the rest of the day.


If you start the day with a nourishing and wholesome breakfast, not only will you feel fuller and more satisfied, but also more motivated to continue to eat well throughout the day.


Starting the day right also decreases the likelihood of snacking and over eating later in the day.

Read on for some inspiration and ideas on starting the day right.


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Setting the foundation towards better health

Hola Hannah and Jen from Health Synergy here. As part of our wellness-boosting collaboration with Power Super Foods , we’ll be sharing four guest blog posts with you. Each will cover off a different theme. Starting with getting the basics right, following through to healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Before we can get to the healthy meal options, we first need to establish the basics. These basics are the foundation towards better health.

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Ready to bounce into spring feeling healthy from within? Enter our giveaway

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8th August 2016




We have decided to share a selection of our latest and most delicious recipes with you this week. These have been sourced from some of our wonderful social media community and feature many Power Super Foods products. Click to read more! ENJOY!

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25th July 2016


Our featured guest blogger today is the amazing Jenny from Back 2 Earth Farm Stay. Famous for their food, Back 2 Earth is a truly wonderful holiday destination offering many activities to enhance your time there. Enjoy the delicious raw vegan food, organic fruit and veggie co-op, be one with the farm animals. Read more to find out why you need to include Back 2 Earth in your holiday plans.

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7 July 2016 


Our featured guest blogger this week is Belle Brockhoff @bellebrockhoff.

Belle is an Australian 23 year old Snowboard-cross racer and one of our Next Generation of Health bloggers. Millennial inspiration for all of us! Belle is currently representing AUSTRALIA on the World Tour and is just 2 spots away from the top place! Fantastic effort and one we should all be proud of. We asked Belle a bunch of questions so click to read more...

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28 June 2016



Our guest this week is Nicky @nickyward86. Nicky is a fit primary school teacher from Queensland with a love for all things health and fitness. Nicky also has a passion for baking simple, healthy recipes! Click to read Nicole's story and find her fave healthy recipes that contain some of our organic superfoods.

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21 June 2016



Our guest blogger this week is an amazing athlete and a huge fan of travelling this beautiful world of ours! Doug Wilson is into yoga, meditation and nutrition and is a Melbourne based athlete. Doug set a Marathon World Record 12 months after removal of a serious brain tumour. Click to find out more about Doug and how he fuels his passion.

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14 June 2016



Eat Natural // Eat Bare // Eat Nude Food, this is the mantra of our good friend Molly Robinson who is back as our Guest Blogger this week. Creator of the Bare Nude Food blog, Molly has been focusing on the benefits of Maca this week! Read on to discover the deal behind maca. Also find the most delicious Maca-nana Blueberry Muffin recipe!! Thanks Molly :) 

Click to

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3 June 2016


Our Guest Blogger this week is Chloe @the_smallseed_ on Instagram. Chloe has amassed an amazing following of 39.5k followers with her stunning food imagery and healthy, colourful posts. Chloe is into healthy and wholesome plantbased foods and all the photos are her own. We sent Chloe a Q&A to fill in to try and discover more about this wonderfully talented foodie photographer. Click to read more

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30 May 2016


Our Guest Blogger this week is Claudia Cramer. A student at the University of Queensland having already completed her Bachelor of Nutrition and Exercise Science, Claudia is currently completing a Masters of Dietetics. Claudia manages her own website where she shares her many wholesomely healthy and delicious recipes. Claudia's instagram feed is full of fitness inspiration, healthy dishes and travel shots. We asked Claudia about her journey and inspirations. Read more here...

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23 May 2016


This week we have Milagro Retreats founder Shani Cranston in the 2nd installment of the PSF International Guest Blogger Series. Shani is a dear old friend of our Co-founders and runs very successful women-only yoga retreats. Milagro Retreats is a Vancouver Island based Grass Roots Wellness Collective, founded in 2002 with the vision of Inspiring Personal Growth and Unity with Nature. For the past 13 years they have specialized in international Yoga & Eco Adventure Retreats and Vegetarian Catering, providing nourishment on many levels. Locations for their transformational RETREATS include Vancouver Island and Mexico. Click to read the Q&A we did with Shani.

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17 May 2016


Back as our Guest Blogger this week is Molly Robinson, creator of the Bare Nude Food blog ~ healthy and nutritious recipes and product reviews. Molly's mantra is Eat Natural // Eat Bare // Eat Nude Food.  Molly has been researching all things chocolate! Read on to discover why regular chocolate is so bad for you and why you need to switch your consumption to the raw kind, cacao. Also find the most delicious healthy Smores recipe!! Thanks Molly :)

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10 May 2016

Andi Lew is a renowned TV presenter, Certified Food, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and best selling author of Eat Fat, Be Thin & Eat Fat Be Lean series. Andi has a new book out, Wellness Loading - The Ultimate Wellness Detox,  focusing on how to TURN OFF TECH and connect with yourself to become more productive and balanced. More than just nutrition and fitness; true wellness is about disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with yourself, our earth and your community. Andi shares an excerpt from her latest book Wellness Loading with us, click to read more...

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2 May 2016



The importance of superfoods and nutrition when maintaining a healthy fitness lifestyle is big. Cassie @healthy_cass_ is a fan of the Kayla Itsines BBG program and has done the complete program twice and is now ready to move onto Ashy Bines program to mix things up. We have been following Cassie's progress on Instagram and were keen to ask her some questions on how she found it and how she matched her diet to fuel the workouts. Click to read more.

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21 April 2016


 Joanne with Gisele Bundchen

As the first instalment of PSF's International Guest Blog Series we have Joanne Gerrard Young. Joanne is an international chef, holistic nutritionist, health educator and mother. She is a leader in the organic and non-gmo food movements. Her mission is to teach people that healthy food can be delicious and fulfilling and to raise awareness of the amazing healing, clarifying and energizing powers of whole organic foods. Her desire to help people reconnect to the source of their nutrition and heal their bodies by feeding the microbiome is contagious. Joanne is one of our Co-Founder Lisa's great mates and has agreed to answer some of our questions for her Aussie fans.  Click to read more

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14 April 2016


This week our resident naturopath Cate gives us the low-down on Tiger Nuts. These ancient tubers have been used as a superfood for thousands of years mainly in Northern Africa even being depicted on the artwork of the ancient Egyptians. PSF has always been early adopters when it comes to functional foods and we think tiger nuts are the bomb and we will be seeing alot more of them. Click to read why...

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7 April 2016


This week Power Super Foods launches our first ever multi-ingredient product. We asked Lisa, our Co-Founder how and why Morning Munch came about. Read on to discover the features and benefits of Morning Munch and why we should all be including it in our daily food plan.

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24 March 2016



Our Guest Blogger this week is Molly Robinson, currently Head of Nutrition for CAF Fitness:  fitness, nutrition & personal training specialists.

Molly is also the creator of the Bare Nude Food blog featuring healthy and nutritious recipes and product reviews.  Molly's mantra is to Eat Natural // Eat Bare // Eat Nude Food // 'Optimum nutrition is tomorrow's medicine" Dr L Pauling. This week Molly shares her latest chocolate egg creation for Easter! Then also explains the differences between nut butters and shares with us her healthy version of Reeses Pieces. Click to read more.


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17 March 2016



As part of our Next Generation of Health blog series we have the amazingly talented Rebecca from The Orange Kitchen blog & @young_rebecca instagram feed. Rebecca is a super talented food photographer and creator of deliciously healthy recipes. At just 21 and in the middle of a double degree in arts and law, Rebecca recently began the search for a healthier lifestyle and happily settled on vegan.  A wonderful role model for the next generation and for those struggling with their own weight issues. We asked Rebecca some questions, click to read more...

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9th March 2016

Our guest blogger this week is Julia from JL Fit Nutrition, a qualified Nutritionist (B.Sc Biomed), Health blogger, Cancer survivor x2 living in Adelaide. Julia loves to create new healthy recipes for her clients and social community and shares a few with us including this devine healthy chocolate lava cake! Julia specialises in simple recipes for everyday healthy eating. Julia also has an online blog & breakfast ebook you can find these on her website. Click to read more:

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2 March 2016



Emily is a big Power Super Foods fan and a frequent baker and her new specialty is raw vegan desserts. With a keen determination to find a healthier and more nutritious diet to fuel her fitness passion, Emily turned to creating raw vegan dishes and desserts. Click to find Emily's amazingly delicious recipe for Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Donuts and read her story.You can follow Emily on Instagram @eaatreats. 

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18 February 2016 


Our Guest Blogger this week is the wonderfully talented Tenina Holder. Tenina is not afraid of pink salt, butter or coconut sugar and believes chocolate is a health food.

Tenina worked as the First Ever, Official Recipe Developer for Thermomix Australia, for over three years and during that time wrote literally hundreds of recipes for that machine. If you own a Thermomix, you have probably cooked one or more of her dishes. Tenina has released many books and has a new one out, The Convenient Vegetarian. Read more to find out Tenina's fave PSF goodies and discover two more of her recipes!

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15 February 2016


Elle @cheekycoconuts is our Guest Blogger this week. Elle has over 15k Instagram followers watching her daily updates on what plant-based food is powering her day of weight training plus checking out her amazing fitness results. Fans also follow Elle's website where they can get all her clean recipes and fitness inspiration. Click to read more about Elle's motivations and results plus she share's her recipe for Rainbow Sea-Veggie Rice! 

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4 February 2016 


Our Next Generation of Health guest blogger this week is Cherie Tu, an amazingly talented 17 year old, who may be better known as the creative behind the @thrivingonplants Instagram feed  and YouTube channel. Cherie has enjoyed incredible success with her Instagram account currently enjoy a following of >165k people + her YouTube channel has >41k followers. Cherie has just graduated high school!. We asked Cherie some questions about how she came to enjoy her raw vegan lifestyle and what her plans for the future are. Click to read more.

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27 January 2016



It is all about Smoothies in summertime #JoinTheSmoothment. Smoothies are a super easy and refreshing way to get all the nutrition you need.

Cate, the PSF GM & in-house naturopath talks about the nutritional benefits of smoothies and why you should be including them in your daily meal plan. Click to find three delicious and different smoothie recipes too!

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18 January 2016



This week we hear from our fearless leader Lisa, PSF Co-Founder. Lisa reveals some exciting plans for Power Super Foods in 2016 plus shares with us some food for thought.

Click to read more!

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7 December 2015



Diana Robson, a practicing naturopath discusses chia in great detail and explains why and how you should be enjoying this amazing little superseed! Once so valued by the Mayan culture its popularity is massive today and for good reason! Click to read more

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30 November 2015



 Featured this week is Yoko Inoue, a Macrobiotic Chef who owns the amazing and minimal ShokuIku cafe in Melbourne that features Organic Raw and Living Food Cuisine.  

Yoko tells us about her café, the reason behind the cuisine and what motivates her to feed Melbournians such delicious and healthy food. You will also find a couple of Ahhmazing raw food recipes that you can make at home! Read more...

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23 November 2015



The first blog of this author was received so well we have another instalment for you! Melissa Madgwick, Author of "Heal my PCOS"  is on other side of healing from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) herself. This week Melissa goes through the 7 Superfoods for PCOS. A must read for anyone suffering. You will also find information on where to go to for extra support on your own journey of healing from PCOS and some delicious recommended smoothie recipes. Perfect for summer! Click to read more

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16 November 2015


Last week we learnt about @healthyeating_Jo and her amazing Instagram Feed, so full of stunning 'foodporn'. We asked Jo if she would share with us some of her self-taught styling and photography tips for creating that magical food shot. We are keen to learn these tips ourselves and thought you would appreciate them as well! Read on to discover how to take your shots to the 'next level' and to find two more AMAZING recipes from Jo's kitchen.

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9 November 2015



Jo from @healthyeating_jo is a very busy working Mum. Jo's Instagram feed is full of amazing healthy protein packed dishes that look simply amazing. We wanted to know how Jo does it all, manages to work full time, look after a busy family, gets her daily exercise and how she fits kitchen time within all that and takes such amazing pictures of her food. Click to read the first installment of Jo's blog. In this one we find out about Jo and what drives her.

Next week Jo will give us her photography tips that you can use to make your food pics step up to that next level...

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3 November 2015



Summer is here and with the weather warming up we are looking to replace some meals with healthy, hydrating and nutritious smoothies! Read more to find out about the benefits of our top selling Superblast: Antioxidant fruit powder. The free radical busting antioxidant power of this powder will have you feeling on top of your game this summer.

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26 October 2015



We have a very special blog this month from the amazing Melissa Madgwick, a 29 year old woman who is on other side of healing from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Her life now revolves around health. She is an avid health advocate who specialises in working with women who suffer from PCOS and eagerly helps others overcome the PCOS disease holistically. Click to read more

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19 October 2015



Cate is the new General Manager - Operations at PSF and she is a naturopath too!

We asked Cate to write about Cacao so that you can learn some of the reasons it really is a superfood! Click to read more...

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12th October 2015




Our Guest Blogger this week is the inspriational Monique Craft from BodyCraft Health & Fitness. Monique is just 22, a part time student studying Exercise and Sport Science , Founder of BodyCraft Health & Fitness, a model, fitness ambassador/blogger, dream chaser and go getter! As part of our Next Generation of Health series Monique discusses how she has found success so young, in business, fundraising and happiness plus shares a couple of wonderful recipes we can all create and enjoy. Click to read more...

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7 October 2015


As part of our Next Generation of Health blog series we have a special Q&A with a young tennis superstar from the Gold Coast, Lara Tupper. Lara is just 15 years old and a dedicated tennis player training daily and competing regularly. Lara understands the importance of diet and good eating to ensure her best efforts on the tennis court. We believe it is this 'next generation' of health conscious young people that will lead the way as great role models. Read what Lara has to say...

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28 September 2015 




Part 3 - This is the final in the Juice Cleansing Series that you have been waiting for!

Our co-founder Lisa finishes her 11 day juice fast and takes us through the emotions, the challenges and the reality of returning to food after not 'eating' for 11 days. Was it worth it and will Lisa do it again??  Click to find out...

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18th September



Leanne Ward, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist and creator of the fabulous Instagram feed @the_fitness_dietitian is our guest blogger this week. We receive many queries about Chia so we asked Leanne to cover Chia from her professional point of view. Read more to find out all about this tiny superseed and why you should be including them in your diet.

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14th September 2015




This week we are delighted to hear from Courtney Stewart of @bananarawpublic (Instagram account).

Courtney is a Raw Chef, Nutritionist, creator of amazing raw cakes and loves organic nutritious food!

Read more to hear how Courtney embarked on a healthy vegetarian diet and became a successful raw cake chef in Perth WA.

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8 September 2015


Our Co-Founder Lisa starts her 11 day juice cleanse. After proper preparation, she is ready and keen to get going. Click to read her diary on how it felt mentally, physically and emotionally throughout these 11 juice-filled days.

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31 August 2015




This week's guest blogger is the inspirational Lucia de Mello from The Thriving Elephant blog ( + @the_thriving_elephant on Instagram). Having gone through a devasting health scare and huge personal loss, Lucia has come out the other side with a beautiful blog and amazing outlook on life. Lucia's has an amazing talent for cooking delicious vegan creations and turning them into the most mouth-watering photographs! Food porn at its best! Hear what Lucia has to say...

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24th August 2015




Our Blog this week is another installment of our 'Next Generation of Health' series and features the lovely Muna Fletcher from @healthyhastags. Muna is 18 years old and has managed to design a diet and lifestyle in order to live more successfully with Type 1 diabetes. Having been diagnosed at just 4 years old Muna went through many challenges before changing her diet and lifestyle for the better. Muna also runs the beautiful Instagram @healthyhashtags. Click to read more...

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