Magnesium Power Bath Flakes

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Still curious about bio-available transdermal magnesium? So much has been written, feel free to do some research! We were fascinated by reading such informative books as eg. 'The Magnesium Miracle' by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD ND.
Magnesium Power Bath Flakes
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Magnesium Power Bath Flakes Magnesium Power Bath Flakes Magnesium Power Bath Flakes Magnesium Power Bath Flakes Magnesium Power Bath Flakes

Magnesium Chloride Bath Flakes


Bath-lovers rejoice! Our Master of Relaxology has brought you the ultimate bliss in a bag - any season is the right time to nurture ourselves with a nice cup of tea and a long, destressing hot soak.

At a price everyone can afford, you too can now enjoy the alkalising and detoxification benefits of highly mineralized pure magnesium chloride flakes drawn from an average depth of 1800 metres, from possibly the most pristine natural source on the planet - the ancient underground Zechstein Sea, estimated to be 250 MILLION years old.

Since the skin is your largest living, breathing organ you want to protect and nourish it carefully, ensuring everything you absorb through this vital gateway is healthy and clean. How much should you use? For the optimal transdermal bathing experience, the 500g bags are designed to be one-offs in the bath (so 1kg size = 2 baths).

Brought to you by POWERbodycare, makers of EpZEN and Magnesium Miracle Soak - your premium quality assurance.

Suggested Uses:
Really what can we say? One 500g packet offers 60g of transdermally bio-available elemental magnesium, so we invite you to soothe your soul, relax and enjoy a beautiful warm, pure mineral bath (or foot soak!) today.

Or want to make an inexpensive version of pricey Magnesium Oil to rub on your skin for maximum effect? Here's how! DISSOLVE 100g in 50mL distilled water, stir constantly til completely dissolved, then decant the sticky liquid into a glass or porcelain bottle or spray bottle to apply as desired. Fyi: This is 3 times cheaper than the 'bought' stuff !

1. What is the Zechstein Seabed exactly?
Way back in geological history, when the whole planet's land mass was composed of one 'super continent' called Pangea (grouped around the equator), the Zechstein Sea was an inland sea sporadically fed by flooding rivers that were constantly being evaporated by the dry climate. This concentrated natural salts into the region underground of what is now the North Sea, plus lowland areas of Britain and the north European plain through Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

2. How old is it & why is this important??
It's estimated to be 250 million years old, and being so far underground (brine is siphoned from between 1600-2000m beneath the surface), has not been able to be subjected to and affected by the pollutants of the much more recent post-Industrial Age that we now live in.

3. Can you eat it?
External use only please people! (the tests required to gain approval for internal use are prohibitively expensive)

4. What does it smell and look like?
White, thin and irregular shaped chips - like an iceberg or ice floe! And NO there is no sea smell or anything else yucky.

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