Magnesium Miracle Soak

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- Epsoms are the most-studied bath salt and are deeply relaxing, promoting restfulness.

- The mineral magnesium is the second most abundant element found in human cells, involved in many, many bodily functions – look them up if you don’t already know!

- USP (pharmaceutical) grade Epsoms still allow up to 10mg/kg lead – a very old standard that must have escaped modern scrutiny! (ours have 0.12mg/kg – just inside the ‘barely detectable’ test range)

- Native American Indians used Sweet Birch in their detoxification rituals and ‘sweatlodges’ to assist with lactic acid (& other metabolic wastes) dispersion – so rare & unique, we had to import it specially!

Magnesium Miracle Soak
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Magnesium Miracle Soak Magnesium Miracle Soak Magnesium Miracle Soak Magnesium Miracle Soak Magnesium Miracle Soak Magnesium Miracle Soak
Magnesium Miracle Soak will be OUT OF STOCK indefinately soon -- to be replaced by EpZEN bath range, so order up now!!

** Supplies are low because the normally saline lake has become too 'fresh' to crystallise salts from after disasterous spring melts in 2 consecutive years - climate change!

Rediscover the benefits of a good soak…….brought to you by POWERbodycare.

Magnesium sulphate, also known as ‘Epsom salt’, is an element of seawater that also occurs in some mineral springs and is mined from rock.  Since prehistoric times, humans have been gathering around healing springs and mineralized pools recognising the benefits to wellbeing, including stress relief and muscle relaxation.

But did you know that most of the Epsom salts available in the world marketplace today are chemically manufactured, potentially using sulphuric acid or alkalizing agents that can create wide fluctuations in pH levels (from acidic to quite caustic)!!!???  They can even contain up to 100 times the amount of lead and arsenic compared to our natural Epsoms – & then you’re soaking the body’s biggest organ (the skin) in all that!!

Unique & Sustainable……………
We have discovered an amazing magnesium sulphate lake - a rare geological anomaly occurring naturally in only a few places in the world – and the size, isolation and purity of this massive source, (‘harvested’ only in winter for minimal environmental disturbance), makes it incredibly unique.  Due to its rarity, an innovative evaporative crystallization technology was developed to avoid chemical components and contamination, and to handle this amazing gift from Mother Nature with the care it deserves.

Feel the difference………….
BARE NAKED & UNSCENTED: suitable for sensitive skin, children, elders and sunbunnys – or if you just want to add your own special scent!!

RELAX & REJUVENATE: The ultimate in restorative ‘me-time’ WITH soothing pure essential oils of Rosewood, Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium, Frankincense & organic May Chang.  Lovely for ladies – feel like Cleopatra!

Great for serious athletes as well as weekend warriors, and the health conscious WITH a revitalizing blend of Sweet Birch, Clary Sage, Geranium, Virginian Cedarwood, Fir Needle & organic Lavender.  Men love this one too!

Suggested Uses:

Natural epsoms dissolve immediately and are also highly ‘transdermally bio-available’ (absorbable thru the skin), so why not enjoy a Magnesium Miracle Soak™ after a tough day at the office, a trying day with the kids, or after returning from yoga or the gym.  Those on water restrictions or with tired achy feet might prefer a 15-minute foot soak (3/4 cup in a bucket) – a great way to soften calluses before a pedicure!!

Nutritional Benefits

Did you know?

1. How much should I use??
We suggest 1.5 cups (200g) for a full bath or ¾ (100g) for a foot soak.

2. Are they safe?
- BARE NAKED & UNSCENTED: As a precautionary measure, AVOID using during the first trimester of pregnancy.
- Relax & Rejuvenate: Due to the potent nature of pure essential oils, AVOID throughout pregnancy.
- Detox & Recovery: AVOID throughout pregnancy OR if skin is hypersensitive.

3. What about the environmental impact?
Due to the salinity, animals and birds are not attracted to this lake anyway, and harvesting in the frosty winter months prevents erosion of the otherwise soft access banks.  Unlike usual mining methods, the ‘brine’ is simply siphoned off.

4. But will we use it all up??
Incredibly, every year the lake ‘heals over’ the harvested parts, being both spring-fed and refilled every summer with snow melt, with newly formed salt crystals of exceptional quality and consequently, the supply could last literally forever.

5. Are there any other uses?
Definitely! The unscented version (BareNaked) softens hands in dishwater (add 2 Tbsp) and calluses in a foot bath before a pedicure (add 4 Tbsp); can be mixed with oil (eg.almond) and Coconut Palm Sugar as a skin scrub (use in tub or shower), and is a great friend to new mothers (as a hip bath).

6. Can you eat them??
Hello!……EXTERNAL USE ONLY please people!!!

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