Delivery Time & Costs

We service all Australian states – sorry, no overseas orders due to complexity of quarantine laws in other countries.

We accept credit card pre-payment only – apologies if that’s inconvenient.

Most orders are despatched via Australia Post Trackable Satchels, unless they are too bulky or weighty, so please make certain you provide your postal/street address. If you have paid extra for expedited freight, they will arrive via Australia Post Overnight Satchel (1 day to major centres, max. 3 to outlying).

Freight is FREE for orders OVER $50 (after discounts have been applied) -- orders under $50 will pay the shipping cost of $10.

You will receive a 10% discount on orders over $100, plus free freight NB. this additional discount is not applicable during the months where we offer 20% off store-wide sale.

***We do not retain your credit card details, we do not share your personal details with any other company – promise !!

Please note: In the very unlikely event that a webshop price is incorrectly displayed, (eg. computer glitch, human error etc.), we reserve the right to cancel the order and refund the credit card, or alternatively come to some mutually agreeable arrangement. Thank you for your understanding...

ALSO NOTE: We are a small, family owned company in an age where highly skilled computer fraudsters exist.  In the rare event that red flags are raised on an order placed (re: product volume, delivery address or contact details etc are suspicious), Power Super Foods reserves the right to cancel an unfulfilled order and refund the monies in full.  Thank you for your understanding…….

Here's what just some of our customer's consistently say about our products/service:

"I have to tell you that i am not a muesli type person and have never had breakfast cereal in over two decades but as soon as i saw your new product  " Morning Munch" and saw the ingredients I was interested & could not wait to try them. Your product is very munchable and it is easy and you can complete the munch in a quick time to ensure optimal digestion and the process results in amazing depths of flavour being delivered.  fyi:  I tried the " Neapolitan" - yum yum!  You are onto a winner here i reckon! is terrific as a nutritious snack and I purchased some for my mother to try and i am pretty sure she will love them.  Sincerely, JV

"Hi guys! Just wanted to say thank you for your efficiency with my order, I received it the very next day after ordering! I was certainly not expecting it so fast :) I will definitely be sticking with your site for any other organic products needed. Thank you once again!" J.R., NSW

"I wanted to tell you how highly I think of your company. I ordered some product from you yesterday and HOLY COW it was on my doorstep this morning! Awesome customer service guys! I promote you on my facebook page ....and today you got a huge KUDO for your exceptional customer service." K.R., VIC

"Hi Power Super Foods, I am a firm supporter and endorser of your company/products. I continually buy your raw cacoa powder, chia seeds and Goji berries. I even recently tried your Maca powder. I just wanted to congratulate you on the fine products and great work you are doing for the environment and people's health. I refer your products onto all family, friends and even hrough my health blog. Continue with your great work. Kind regards" B.K., (A satisfied customer), VIC

"Just wanted to pass on my thanks - I know sometimes we don't hear the positives, just the negatives! Ordered my goods sometime yesterday afternoon - arrived today, 24 hours later. VERY impressed and will certainly pass on your site to others who want to order. Thanks again, you'll hear from me again soon with another order! Cheers." R.T.

"Hello, Just writing to thank you for such prompt service. The order was Tuesday and on Thursday it has arrived. Everything was carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition. Nothing has ever arrived so promptly before! I have had mail take 10 days from Cairns, so very delighted the parcel has arrived. Many thanks." L.G., Mt Isa

"Hi there, Just want to thank you for the great service and prompt dispatch of my order, which arrived today. Thanks very much! :)" B.B.

"Thank-you so much! You have been the only, single person who has been able to supply me with this information; or who has even been willing to find this information out for me!!!! I love the customer service you provide which is why I’ve been telling all my health-conscious friends about Power Super Foods' website. Love your work!!" V.L.

"We love your foods ... We buy the black and white Chia Seeds, The Dulse Flakes and the Wakame Seaweed.... fabulous food. It was while I was putting the Chia Seeds into a container I saw that part proceeds go to the Good Will Bicycle organisation.... so I went onto the site and thought how wonderful the world is with people such as Mark Pate in it. We donated $100 to the Cambodia shipment... and feel great that we can do a small thing and be a part of a better place in this World. Thanks for all the terrific information about your products I love reading the back of the pack.. and we are sending you this message to let you know that all that "Back of the Pack" DOES make an impact on ordinary people." S.G. & G.G., WA
"I am very impressed with your dilegence and speed at which you dealt with my order. It is refreshing to see that your company has ethics and integrity with authenticity". K.N., WA

"I'm thrilled to receive my order as I was hanging out for my cacao beans!! Thanks for the samples. If you continue to send samples I will distribute to my friends! I'm always promoting health to people." R.H., WA

"Hi all, just received my first order from Power Super Foods and I'm very impressed with the products and the prompt shipping! Thanks heaps for the sample products as well - the cacao nibs are great and I can't wait to try out the rest of the samples." B.M., NSW

"Good afternoon. Thank you for such great prices with prompt and excellent service. Look forward to placing another order soon. :)" A.P., SA

"Hi there, just letting you know I have received my goods already! Thanks very much for your prompt service as always." L.R., QLD

"Your packages ALWAYS arrive soooooo early!!! (we are out of the next day delivery up here) it amazes me how quick you are. THANK you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" D.A., NT

"The purchase I made yesterday was delivered today - in under 24 hours! And the purchase I made a few weeks back, which was on its way to the wrong state - courtesy of Australia Post - was redirected in no time once I brought this news to your attention. Thank you so much for the excellent service - it is unparalleled". O.F., VIC

"Many thanks for the speedy delivery. I ordered goldenberries yesterday and had them in my hand today. That's real service and efficiency!" G.M., SA

"Hello Power Super Foods. I received my order this morning thanks. So quick - wow!" L.J., NSW

"Order received! What great service. I'll definitely be back." S.S., NSW

"I'd like to thank you for such a speedy service. I was stunned when my package arrived in Bendigo this morning when I had only ordered it yesterday. I'm already sampling the choc lip balm (yum) and can't wait to try the other goodies. Thanks again." C.L., VIC
"I received my order today, it was delivered before I even read the shipping email. I'm impressed with your delivery! Thank you," G.D., NSW

"Hey everyone at Power Super Foods, just wanted to email you to say that today I got my very first shipment of goodies from your site, and I am over the moon! I ordered just yesterday and already have them! Not only that, you gave me different samples and more information on your products which I love! I am an athlete and big advocate for eating well and sustainable living but finding fair trade and organic food at a good price is just so difficult. Thanks to you guys I am over the moon after stumbling across your website and now my mum is in love with your products too! The world needs more people like you, thank you!!" E.F., VIC

"I was amazed today when I received my order which I only placed yesterday am. Thank you so much for your prompt service. Also loved the little samples you included. It's the little things in life that make a difference. Will certainly be ordering from you again and spreading the word on your grea company. Cheers." L.B., VIC

"Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of all my super foods, I am so impressed with your products, prices, free delivery and the discount. Well done on supplying such awesome products and making them easily accessible to rural clients, I really appreciate it. What a great company, will be recommending to friends :)" J.C., WA

"Just wanted to say thank you for such great service and quick delivery. Ordered Wednesday arrived Thursday!! I will definitely be enjoying the products and be ordering again." J.D., NSW

"Dear Power Super Foods, I write to convey how impressed I've been with the high-quality product and experience you provide. Firstly, your superblast antioxidant is excellent. More importantly, the customer service you provide is outstanding and rare. You'll have my custom again, and I'll tell others they should shop with you too. The health food market is an incredibly competitive one, and you should be proud of the work you're doing. Sincerely," D.G., ACT

"Power Superfoods Team - Thank you so much for my order which was received next day. Your excellent service is very much appreciated. Best wishes to you all for a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. G.D., VIC

"Hey guys just wanting to thank you on your service you provide me with every time I order! I love all the freebies I find inside my package!!. You guys are unbelievable. Keep changing the world one healthy person at a time !! Cheers, Niel

"Just received my first order. Very impressed that it came so quickly. Thank you very much and the little samples are a great gesture. Will definitely order again!!!!!"J.H., VIC

"My order has already arrived – took less than 24 hours - fantastic! Also thanks for the complimentary sachets of some of your other products.....Kind regards" R.M., WA

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the speedy delivery of my order. I placed my order about 3pm on Friday and the goods arrived at 1.30pm today! Never before have I had such service. Being in far west NSW I am accustomed to waiting weeks for goods to arrive. Thank you very much..........I have already started recommending your business to my friends and family. I would like to thank you for the sample items enclosed.....a pleasant and interesting surprise". H.S., NSW

"Just wanted to say that the reason I love to order from you is that I can put an order in one day and it is here the next!! Great fast service that stops me from wanting to, or needing buy somewhere else. Thank you for your great products and great service!" C.D., WA

"Hello! I've received my order in record time, and I am blown away, thank you." SW

”Just received my package of ordered superfoods. Including some freebie samples. Great service for someone living hundreds of kms from a shop with one plane a week!” LB

"I wanted to tell you how highly I think of your company. I ordered some product from you yesterday and HOLY COW it was on my doorstep this morning! Awesome customer service guys! I promote you on my facebook page ....and today you got a huge KUDO for your exceptional customer service." DR

"I have to say that after trying your product I can really tell that it is a far superior brand and I am very happy to have spend the extra money. It tastes so much better and has a much more authentic flavour and appearance. It's beautiful! :) Thanks again for your time, now I can be happy to recommend it to clients and people that ask me what the difference is! Warm regards." Emma

"Hi, I've been a supporter of yours for a long time (since you first hit the shelves at Mrs Flannery's) and I want to thank you for the product development you've done over the years. It must be tremendously rewarding for you. I want to be involved in this kind of industry in the future, and it's great to see a model for success that benefits the providers, the supplier and the consumer. Everyone is winning, and that is fantastic, well done. Cheers." MR


Social Media Feedback from PSF Fans...

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@axlgram13 (Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive) @powersuperfoods raw Cacao Powder is hands down the best I've ever had.. Amazing velvety texture and not a touch of bitterness. And how stunning is the artwork? I can't wait to try more of your goodness.

@health_overhaul_journey: Obsessed with your stuff!

@birdandelephant: I love @powersuperfoods cacao powder! I love using your cacao nibs and coconut sugar

@hannahjoehannaa: I use your cacao powder!

@thesupergelato: We would like to say thank you for providing us the BEST superfoods for our gelato! Also for the amazing customer service!!!! xx

@the_nourished_mind: Your products are amazing and you are an amazing company. Thank you for everything you provide your followers and customers with xx

@emerson_cooks: Ohhhh @powersuperfoods you guys are the BEST!! loooooove your products!!

@natalieshaw_xo: Just bought a pack of your cacao nibs! Keen for some cooking!

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@jacquiroseee: I’m so obsessed with powersuperfoods love it x

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@sexysupernatural: Love your foods and your mindblasting Açai!! I absolutely love all of your products! Best tasting cacao and chunkiest cacao nibs ever!!

@nourishyoursouldwiththerainbow: Cacao Crunch! That stuff is beyond words!

@ars_m0riendi: I LOVE cacao crunch, it is amazing!

@irunonfat: Cacao Butter. Eat it straight out of the bag somdays!!

@thegreenpantry: I love Ecuadorian GOLD!!!

@cooking_with_tenina: Love my dulse flakes!!

@rawbs_orbsofpower: Love your dulse! An essential condiment

@healthylifestyle_pc: Absolutely love your products!

@back2earthaus: love love love your products. We use them for and in EVERYTHING! Love the artwork too!!

@thegreenpantry: Coffee and cacao crunch is a perfect match!

@rawkiwi: Out of cacao Gold! And I seriously need more crunch asap

@the_wholesome_nutritionist: Just spotted your products while watching a repeat of Masterchef… because they are the best!

@littlerawcoofficial: Thank you for your Gold Cacao Butter Chunks, they are the best!

@prkam: I absolutely love your seaweed and have always recommended to my friends!

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